first_imgIt is weaker in football: in the second league, Jiří Miker kicks for Pardubice, in Chrudim the former Spartan David Surmaj is trying to prevail. At the same time, especially at lower levels, the Roma show that football is perfect for their creative nature.Sparta fans threatened me, they also wrote to my wife, says the Slavist Stanciu Read the article ›Evidence? In Eastern Bohemia, the legend is Radek Gorol, an offensive midfielder of the three-league Živanice. “I didn’t train a better player,” said well-known coach Bohuslav Pilný. Nevertheless, Gorol never flew among the elite, although, for example, in cup matches with league rivals (Sparta, Jablonec) he often demonstrated his uniqueness.A demon from NeratoviceIt is not an isolated story. In fact, it also concerns the most famous Roma footballer (and his son) in recent years. Josef Gabčo, the name is a concept in football and futsal. My father was in Neratovice in the 1990s, he was elected a Roma footballer for decades.“He was a demon,” recalled coach Luboš Urban, who led the attacker with incredible dynamics and a hard shot in his city or later in the second league Xaverov. Gabč was known, Blšany tested him, Slavia, Bohemka, asked. But… He was always “on the road” only for a while and returned to Neratovice. There was a king, they called him Ronaldo after the famous Brazilian.The man who changed Slavia. Trpišovský is at the top Read the article ›“Life is alive for one day and it doesn’t matter what happens next,” explained Miroslav Držmíšek, an official of Xaver’s, why the forward with such potential did not rise higher. In translation: Gabčo had problems with weight, played slot machines, was moody. As the coach did not build him, he took offense. “I was right next door,” he once told Hattrick magazine.Everything was summed up and the name Gabčo never appeared at the highest level.Pepíček Jr.Or yes, but only later. Josef Jr., Pepíček’s son, made it to the first league in futsal, to the national team under the age of twenty-one, in addition to his Mělník, he also worked in the super-strong Sparta. In the highest competition, he became an acclaimed fighter, wonder of the world, a gunner.An endless “whirlpool”, childbirth and school. Micka is not bored without the Olympics Read the article ›He managed this despite the fact that he experienced more than one racist attack during his career. “I’ve met it countless times, mostly in football. They swear at me for gypsies and that I’m a black mushroom. And I have to say that when I was younger, it bothered me. I’m laughing at it today and I’m so overwhelmed that it will rather arouse me. How many times has someone offended me racistly and I will then score three goals for his team, “explains Gabčo junior, whose matches are often watched by my father.“I just can’t understand this behavior, it’s disgusting. I don’t understand at all how fans in league stadiums, for example, can afford this. Their teams often have black players in their ranks and insult others. In my opinion, it will never disappear from the Czech scene and it is a disgrace. Fortunately, my teammates have always stood up for me, for which they deserve a big thank you. “last_img

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