this seemingly good is really good, I just think this with Bo efficiency. We all know that Shanghai is the result of the dragon to get free traffic from search engines, but to the hospital network marketing, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to bring the target traffic from search engines, so that we can more easily be transformed. If you track key data network to the diagnosis of hospital will know, in addition to the brand keywords, the other is through the keywords to examine some relatively long tailed transformation.

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if the hospital network marketing team in Shanghai Longfeng to diagnosis results can guide the above assessment, Shanghai Longfeng work should pay more attention to the long tail optimization, and the optimization of core words in home on second, let alone love Shanghai for commercial higher keywords Shanghai dragon and Phoenix more serious punishment, go astray, your efforts will be destroyed on one day.


thank you attention to the analysis of blog Yu Bo hospital network marketing, this paper first addresses 贵族宝贝120tui贵族宝贝/ analytics/yiyuan Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon, please keep the

in the hospital network marketing team in Shanghai Longfeng general position is to do keyword optimization, website editor position is to update the site or add articles, coordination between them, actually also obviously on the surface, website editor update adds search engines, will certainly increase the weight to the site, so the Shanghai dragon for optimization it will be easier.


website editor: to determine the optimal keyword, guide write original articles, keyword density distribution, the establishment of internal links. We can maximize the effect of each hospital website content and website editor with the Shanghai dragon this work, the overall effect to Shanghai dragon also play to the maximum. Imagine if you do this, one of the words also worry about not going home on.

The main work of

Shanghai Longfeng is combing the website structure, the main site of quality (weight), guide website editor for content optimization, and the weight down shunt, so that each page can be obtained from the home page to the energy transfer.

The main work of

so do long tail optimization on Shanghai Longfeng power is weak, which requires cooperation with the website editor, like Sina, Tencent, editor of this site they have Shanghai Longfeng task, website editor is not to say that the light to publish content on the line, the more need to be responsible for the content of their own, can not pass a article for the site to bring the target flow can provide consultation for the hospital, it should be to consider editing.

the hospital network marketing team in Shanghai Longfeng and editors should be how to better cooperate, to 1+1 the effect of more than 2, more than one Bo view is: clear objectives, the implementation of division of labor, carry out their duties.

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