3, the singular and plural form

split 2, and combination of

Keywords Keywords

in website optimization is very important, so we have to use a variety of methods as far as possible keywords mining mining industry, we are more detailed grasp of the industry better, because the keywords represent the user needs, the user needs a thesaurus is a set, so when we do keywords the layout of several variations of keywords also nots allow to ignore.

When we

in the layout of a web page, not only should we put some key words written into the "pre inside, and its synonyms and synonyms can be in 15 seconds arrangement, such as computer and computer, is inseparable with the synonym synonymous relation, people love to search for a computer, some people love computer search however, these two words are the same object, so we do not need to get these two words are arranged into a different page, because it says the same thing, the content is basically the same, in order to avoid duplication, we can put these two words into the layout of a web page you can, in this web page Keywords tag, description, title and inside are written into the computer, the computer, so, in some key search computer and computer When your words, this page is likely to get the ranking.

4, Keywords


we know that for a compound word, it is handled separately in the search engine index, such as the key words in the notebook computer, the inventory index search engine, notebook is a keyword, computer is another key, when you are in search of the compound keywords of notebook computer, the weight of these two words of different, when there is no "when the laptop computer is completely contained and weight is very high, your website if there is a computer, but when the weight is high, the notebook computer you will also get good rankings, so this tells us that when the page layout, you" inside you. You can consciously appear split form of words, but also to the combination form of words, so you can get more keywords The ranking, thus to bring more traffic.


1, the synonym form


singular and plural form of this station is mainly aimed at English speaking, Chinese inside do not have to pay attention to this, when you go to the optimization of English station, it is necessary to pay attention to this problem, because the English station inside, a singular and plural words are treated separately, are two different keywords in the search engine, the platoon and the inverted index, they are treated separately, and the singular and plural forms of a word search volume will sometimes vary greatly, and the search results are sometimes very big difference. So do English station, the singular and plural forms of English words, we can not be ignored.

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