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the above two forms have their advantages and disadvantages, so we can be together, how to combine? Is the first form of law-abiding to raise some blog, the blog to raise a website, and then to second blog sprocket form to raise the first blog, this can quickly upgrade the blog weight again, can be avoided after the sprocket is punished directly affect the site SE.

three, two kinds of combination

Jiangshan generation of talented people, perhaps after the owners will have more and better blog operating practices, but the principle is the same, lifting weights so as to enhance the blog website ranking, imaginative webmaster can according to this principle, the invention of the operation form of more and better. This paper from Baxter @ I love mules (new network marketing team), address: 贵族宝贝ebaite贵族宝贝/, welcome to reprint, please indicate the link.

to Bo Yang station is the current popular optimization methods, has many webmaster to verify the practicality and validity of this method. Today is to look at several forms of blog standing.

, a formal

this is the most popular way, the power of all owners believe that the sprocket is seen, the sprocket is simple all blog pages were linked to each other, so as to enhance the weight of all blogs, the more advanced chain needs after careful planning, divided into many groups, several layers to carry on the reasonable link. Finally, to push the website. The advantages of the blog wheel is can in a very short period of time to see the effect, but because this way after all is not formal, so it is hard to say for a long time.

In fact, more than two kinds of


principle is the same, is to promote the blog weight so as to enhance the website ranking, the difference is that the first form promotion blog weight is slow, and the second forms of promotion blog weight very quickly.

this is the most common of the earliest blog, is to keep a number of blog, frequently updated, and then slowly put the blog weight to go up, and then in the form of a link, the weight of the blog into the site, the disadvantage of this approach is time-consuming, takes a long time to keep up to the weight of the blog see the very obvious effect.

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