arrow, you will find the 58 city of Nanjing Shanghai dragon personnel doing breadcrumbs to the home page for a web site, the site of its core keywords. The general webmaster in website, is to use open source CMS program, so the program in the breadcrumb navigation problem, is a "home" instead. The small details make 58 city of Shanghai dragon was discovered, and it play the most incisive.


website is aware of the term breadcrumbs, a rich content of the station, if there is no bread crumbs navigation, search engine spiders can easily get lost at the same time, breadcrumb navigation optimization and is a part of the station optimization method. How do we go to optimize the breadcrumb navigation makes the website weight rankings? This question we need to answer our 58 city sites in Nanjing.

Why should Figure

first opened the first love again in search of Shanghai "Nanjing 58 city", then click ranked first in the official website you can enter the 58 city area of Nanjing. First look, the 58 city of Shanghai Longfeng personnel is two level domain name to do, so that the 58 city of Nanjing is an independent two level domain name, level two directory. Then we look down on its path of bread crumbs.


Nanjing 58 city Shanghai Longfeng personnel do so? Know the search engine spiders crawling of owners are aware, the search engine spiders is the most important site map, the second is the breadcrumb navigation path. Breadcrumb navigation is equivalent to the signs on the highway, if there is no sign that the search engine spiders like a headless fly, lead to the spider can’t grab and give up. We usually have bread crumbs, open source CMS navigation path, but most people didn’t modify the "home page" the breadcrumbs. You may ask why the page into their own website core keywords? Shanghai Longfeng personnel the answer you can ask the 58 city of Nanjing, you can ask me. I tell you, as long as you are not the primary Shanghai dragon, so in the optimization of the web site, the play is the details. The details you play good, ranking will increase. For example, your site is www.xxx贵族宝贝, the keyword is stainless steel sale. So the search engine spiders will think that www.xxx贵族宝贝 corresponds to the stainless steel sale, you have a "home" two words in a breadcrumb path, and the anchor text is www.xxx贵族宝贝, if you are a search engine, you must also think www.xxx贵族宝贝 corresponding to what is the "stainless steel sale" or "home", optimization? It means the best way is to learn from Nanjing in the 58 city in the breadcrumb path, it home for their core keywords website.

the direct concise tell you after the breadcrumb path "home" into your website’s core keywords can. To learn Shanghai dragon must optimize technology to study the high weight of the site.

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