filed Chinese Internet giant, everyone will think of the Internet China three mountains (love Shanghai, Tencent, Ali, but recently it seems) often say that now is the four mountains, 360 rise into a new mountain, the stubble on the popular now, want to do what, want to make a name for oneself that must pull a sharedzilla, and this sharedzilla have certain characteristics, that is the scapegoat must be very powerful, but also have a certain "hate", how to hate, here is not to say, we all know very well, remember a few years ago 3Q war, then 360 to the United States, it would have to prove himself to the United States capital game player is very strong, so the director was very famous "two incident" and 360 get listed, although it is more round of short But it is strange, the price is getting up, now is said to have exceeded 10 billion, become the so-called large Internet companies, but on the other hand, after all, not everyone is Zhou Hongyi, remember there are a lot of people want to play the same game, but later failed, which is also very famous is UC and Tencent. UCweb is the emerging small and medium-sized enterprises, and Tencent is the industry giant; the former flagship mobile phone 3G web browser, which is known to every family social tool QQ. However, a number of small horse and industry leader had a conflict. UC President Yu Yongfu publicly sued Tencent, accusing them of the unfair competition in the field of mobile phone browser, occupy the market share of UC. UC under the resignation, the Tencent to court. Yu Minfu in order to UC to market, play the same game, but very unexpected, we do not have the war like 3Q that the one-sided support of 360, accused of Tencent, instead we have not thought of this, social and surprisingly to Tencent round this side, that is to repeat the year of 3Q UC war, but this failure, failure, or that sentence, not everyone can become a Zhou Hongyi, of course, the final UC is not listed as cicadas, such cases are too numerous to mention, but to say that the times have changed, the words hero really is not there in the past, 3Q war in the Internet environment, we all know, the navy is rampant, looked at the one-sided comments, can you believe that is true, if 3Q is not in the war that year, but in the Recently, absolutely has reason to believe is another kind of results, but there is no way, that is such an environment, and this phenomenon has also been seen in the management of the heart, until recently, this phenomenon has been developed into a hot point, Qin fire fire and there was some time ago, Li two and four, Zhou Lubao, the network big V event management quickly introduced a series of measures, Sina micro-blog also re set the rules, the thought that this kind of speculation will be convergence, but it seems a we have not accepted, is also used this technique to achieve their purposes, when in a chat QQ group yesterday. "


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