from the above chart can be seen in Shanghai as long as the love you want to do, don’t need what kind of weight, can be directly several of the top keywords, see a lot of traffic is relatively large, suddenly found a lot of love in the Shanghai series of products are in the front row, such as love the sea and so on, love Shanghai the Shanghai encyclopedia, love Post Bar, so webmaster, opportunity is less, because the position of the home page, is 10 position, so that the owners have to do half chance on home, love Shanghai series products can be directly to the most comprehensive ranking. Really love Shanghai Cloud World: Shanghai dragon really dead? Cake bigger and smaller, we these small webmaster is to grab a piece of cake or a new cake?

Figure two

look at figure two, enter " in love in Shanghai, love Shanghai; parenting guide application series and in the first place, don’t love Shanghai parenting guide for application of series of products than the stationmaster is good really? In fact, some webmaster do the parenting guide professional vertical station looks better than the professional.

you will find love in the first row of the Shanghai application series of products. Don’t love Shanghai using a series of products have made the dream of pregnancy than standing professional webmaster? Obviously not. This love Shanghai applications are also accounted for a good long length, also illustrated, let search the user’s eye are attracted by it in the light, we let these small owners how to live.



the 贵族宝贝chunhui12贵族宝贝 webmaster Chunhui parenting feeds, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

suddenly look back Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai pregnant parenting series was in the search front, is pregnant child really to the end of the Shanghai dragon. Look at the following example, enter the "dream of the figure of a pregnant" in love in Shanghai,

is a large part of webmaster do the parenting class, because this theme is a long tail keywords, two is a good combination of products and business, now parents are particularly willing to spend money for children, children’s good money. But in the sea love box enter some keywords that the cake was divided off a lot of love in Shanghai.


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