how to make your visitors to your product or service +1 vote? Give your site to +1 the

+ 1: quality factor score of

PPC advertisers often use large landing page, so this means that the accumulation of +1 is a challenge. The good news is that Google is trying to make + 1 become a cumulative effect, which will alleviate the problem.

tinfoil-hat theory says the number of noble baby is quietly in the quality score formula including +1 ‘s. In other words, if a website or web page to get more from the +1 vote, then it will bring more weight to the quality score.

+ 1 and the nobility and pay the search results returned with the baby page organization does not directly influence the quality score. >

to each page of your website and add a +1 button – including your PPC login page. There are several errors for +1 system, some people think that + 1 button is to vote on a specific page.

this week, I heard something about Google keyword advertising products – a baby +1 exciting speech and conversation. The social integration and the prospect of Shanghai Longfeng list and paid search advertising is very attractive, and has great potential to search marketers.


advertising extensions and other advertising space attached to the nobility baby products will directly affect your CTR which directly affect the quality of your scores. I think that makes sense?

this is not suitable for the present situation.

+ 1 button is in earlier this year by the noble baby return search results page by pay per click advertising spread list and organization development. Since then, these problems did not stop. The main problem of the most concern is how +1 affects the quality of keyword advertising.

After the

if it is not a factor affecting now why I write these? What is the main reason of mass fraction of hits (CTR)?.

yesterday and a keyword advertising consultant to the conversation, which may or may not be the blueprint for the future, but for now, +1 is not a factor affecting the quality score. .

+ 1

add button to your website

when a website visitors on your site (or return search results page 1) click the + button, they will see their friends + 1 to your site. They have also come to your website to your website and vote that will tempt them to friends. This kind of social interaction can increase your ad Click rate.


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