2.site or domain domain name is not in the first place.

1. sites included the number declined sharply.

bun in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process observation and performance of some sort of common site is down right.

analysis: the basic principles of search engine eliminate included page is to delete duplicate, illegal spam. So when the site number had fallen, should first consider the content of the web site of the original. If the site itself, there are a large number of duplicate or false original content, should strengthen the original content update.

site domain is the same as the search engine senior instructions, of course domain is not applicable to each search engine. Under normal circumstances, through site or domain domain name, web page will appear in the search results in the first place. So, when the website home page is not the first time that the search engine on the web site right down. This site is down right performance called "home page, a reminder to sink to the bottom of K station.


analysis: because of this drop right like search engines sounded the alarm to the site, so we should immediately analyze the potential risk factors from the aspects of the existence of the site. For example: the recent server stability, website content update frequency change, whether by chain sites, whether implicated in greatly revision etc..


3. web site included only home page.


site is down right often will appear on the website of Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, of course, a lot of time is not the site maintenance staff deliberate. Often this is the webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER in the website optimization, some small due to misoperation. Which of course does not need to get excited over a little thing, as long as the reason, and then make the appropriate treatment you can gradually restore website weight.

site is down right above the performance belongs to this "upgrade", when the website pages were included only when the website home page. In addition, many of the new owners after the optimization of the time still being included in the search engine of the home, the right down the basic can be identified as the site has been K.

general, the website included number of fluctuations are normal, especially in large sites. But when the moment to reduce the large number included website, a performance that is obviously a web site is down right.

encountered this kind of problem must be vigilant, for example, a station, by about 200000 included a is destroyed, leaving only more than 30 thousand, if you do not take timely measures, it is…..

analysis: first of all to ensure that any illegal information does not exist, then consider whether the site long time not update the original content. In addition, caused by a factor of K is likely to be because the server is not stable. Of course, can not deny the existence of victims were implicated friends of the chain website website.

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