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software is the use of some existing software, capture the keywords, there are a lot of related software, can provide keyword mining function. But by this kind of software is part of mining, will produce inaccurate phenomenon. Therefore, to dig, but also the need for analysis and statistical analysis, such as his love of Shanghai index, and to compare the ranking of the site, this word can accuracy.


analysis methodThe

addition, Shanghai dragon is influenced by many people love Shanghai, so the design of the page is not KEYWORDS.


industry only, most of the KEYWORDS are provided in this website, and many are equipped with specialized personnel in Shanghai dragon. So we want to find the exact words, this is a very worthy reference list. After the keyword down, does not mean that we should Everything will be fine., analysis and statistics of keywords, and the accuracy of key words and important degree are analyzed, and not all of the keyword can bring flow, bring traffic keywords don’t necessarily work for you, so the keywords, Shanghai Longfeng personnel must give him accurate to grasp the.

peer acquisition method

this is a challenge that the acquisition method of keyword. Because using this method, it means that you have other site keywords design, if there is no means failure. For example, we see the love of Shanghai’s website, he is not a KEYWORDS, it means you completely collected less than

analysis method, mainly through artificial results, love Shanghai index, search, the main keyword of project development, and then collate and analyze. Draw a key table. Analysis of the artificial full participation, relatively speaking, the accuracy of the keyword, but the biggest problem, excessive loss of manpower. This method completely at present is not ideal.


1 software,

keyword is a Shanghai Longfeng personnel most important, who do Shanghai Longfeng personnel will be on the key word this highly respected, can be said that the keyword determines the site traffic and ranking. There are many methods to get the key, we work together to talk about how to quickly obtain accurate keywords.

the next chapter introduces how to design a reasonable keyword table. To be continued. The www.ylmr贵族宝贝 executive editor of finishing. Please keep this trip.


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