Shanghai Longfeng development so far, were getting partial. Many Internet companies in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, considering only the keywords in the search engine rankings, just ignore the fundamental purpose of Shanghai Dragon – flow.

love Shanghai library resources is different, as long as you love to comply with the rules of Shanghai library to upload relevant information, most of the day, you can through the audit data library, and soon was included in the search engine rankings and get relevant. The time difference, we have to think about it!

do a PK analysis, a new optimization, one is using the platform to do keyword ranking. The new Shanghai library resources optimization VS love

will then have the resources, is not it all? Of course not! Resources everywhere, the most important thing is not you, but you can not effectively use.

a lot of people will say, Shanghai dragon website optimization to optimize for a long time, ranking remains motionless, to each big forum or QQ group every day, ask to ask. But some master, doing keyword ranking, it is so easy, keywords many people spend 6 months up to do, may for the master, can be completed within 3 months. Why is this? In addition to experience, the biggest difference is the resource base of different

if you are in Shanghai Longfeng for many years, you must remember your first website optimization is so difficult, more website optimization, it is more and more clear, but the biggest change is the accumulation of resources.


can be seen from the figure, &>

of each industry focus is different, they are facing many customers search groups. Shanghai Longfeng not only refers to the keywords in the search engine rankings, more important is the keyword can bring much traffic to the website, this is the value of the existence of Shanghai dragon. So do Shanghai Longfeng, first analyze the keyword strategy.

many people will say that love can do long tail keywords Shanghai library, certainly not many people search. For this, O he can only say that you just guesswork. As long as you pay attention, learn to love the Shanghai library keywords ranking, not only is the long tail keywords, many popular keywords ranking, ranking and

" " PVC tube; keywords for example:


is very good!For example, we take

analysis: new sites included, need to go through a period of review period, usually one to two weeks, and do not say the web pages for keywords ranking, how long will it take.


we all know, Shanghai dragon optimization = content + chain, high quality original content, and say no more? Want to get a good search engine rankings, how to build a site outside the chain is a topic of concern Shanghai dragon er.

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