reminds me of a conversation with their search engine optimization management of large PC manufacturers are trying to PC one of the models for their help, determine the best non brand targeted keyword. Keywords high query volume, such as "notebook computer" or "desktop" is too broad, provide any other PC models do not provide their differentiation. As part of his research, search engine optimization manager can see their customers on the Internet (people who bought this particular model) refers to this product.

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to determine the landing page or in the content of the need for change and / or overhaul.

has three major enterprises to find the keyword, you need to take the following steps:

keyword suggestions of social resources


although I could not say all the keywords found product data source, it seems to force Shanghai dragon to integrate various social resources API. It also appears that their products support the classification and filtering function, to help manage a large number of key words, this is important, because the organization is the key for enterprise keyword discovery process.

What is the effect may have the strongest tourism consumer Study on

surprisingly, he saw a lot of modification on this computer operation and storage media of their home entertainment. >


keyword discovery is the key process of enterprise project management, because it forms large umbrella foundation website brand information or an enterprise under the multi brand website search and social networking. This process is similar to the keywords found smaller sites, however, the difference in scale, making the process more complex.

as the Shanghai dragon that rely on Google challenge, with Google keyword tool is not enough. It is not only a limited data source, but if everyone is using Google keyword tool, then you must differentiate yourself from the competition for limited opportunities.

"the most relevant keyword.

For example:

you need a tool that integrates many other sources as well, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, competitiveness ", link hubs and your paid search advertising. In combination with other data sources, including society, is becoming more and more important, we will continue to see social signals play a greater role in SERP.

customers into your keywords and content into social voice. This will ensure the relevance of your web content and timely solutions for users.

Have the experience of each

from the social sources such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube added keyword suggestions, help to ensure that your target keywords include your target audience using your product or brand in the same industry jargon".

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