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development of the Internet, will inevitably lead to increased competition, how to make our website talent shows itself in the hundreds of millions of sites, users must seize the psychological, to make a netizen love website. The above four points, the author is planning in the website content in the long-term accumulation of experience, experience, hope can give the webmaster to help. This article from the original.

used, many common words in the search engine rankings are a lot of encyclopedia, library, etc. large portal site, because the site more professional knowledge, in the minds of the readers feel more authoritative, so like this website content more easily in front of search engine. The author suggested that in the planning of the content of the website at the same time, must be appropriate to the readers and users to share interests, some users want to know and learn the knowledge, the best content can be professional, we can leave more users.

hobbies – entertainment, news, video and other content

although the society is in progress, but Indoorsman Indoorswoman constantly increasing, more and more people stay at home. Micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝, happy net, net friends and community forums, narrowing the distance between people and meet the needs of the majority of Internet users. So, a good website, users must be able to interact better with their own, so we can find the website problems, can also improve the website, with the users to narrow their distance, establish mutual trust.

interaction – micro-blog, community and so on

knowledge sharing – authoritative, professional and strong content

content of a web site, can provide value to users and visitors, in order to obtain better search engine rankings, so the content of the website what is valuable? Here are some common, the Internet search engine rankings good content, sharing and broad stationmaster:

The search engine that

search engine, the biggest advantage is to facilitate users to find, solve problems and puzzles. The search engine on the Internet more appropriate is the identity of life helper, we do not understand the knowledge, knowledge, interest, people do not know the things of interest can be found on the Internet. Therefore, a website to reflect the value, must be able to help your visitors to solve problems, which are of great help to establish the brand and reputation.

most people use the Internet, not to work and earn money on the Internet, but to find fun in the internet. Some entertainment gossip, timely news, online video and other content, can attract more eyeballs and resonance, of course, the majority of Internet users, search engine will also pay more attention to the users interests and content of interest, will give these contents higher ranking. Therefore, in site planning at the beginning, starting from the interest of Internet users and Internet users preferences, a heart of love website is a good website.

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