404 page work, some owners may do that which does not exist in the original page page to make it mandatory to return to normal, and the normal display data frame, however, such behavior is motivated, the search engine is not very friendly, but you better the site of the repeatability, resulting in very poor user experience. It’s time to use the 404 page, we first look at page 404.

> What is the 404 page:

its main purpose is to enhance the user viscosity! The owners do not want to allow the user to see the error page, directly to the upper right corner of the X, but will be transferred to other users to page through the 404 page, this will increase the user experience, search engine is also relatively good, rather than a spider crawling, encountered error pages will not be down.

Has a very important significance to Shanghai dragon The

1. you do 404 pages to meet your site’s theme or style, style, etc., do not allow users to think that he is no longer on your website.

3, MIME mapping strategy prevents this request.

2. when the user enters the 404 page, make sure the user can be the first time or at the first sight of the page fault or other conditions.

solution is of course two directions, one is the webmaster, one is for the user. For the webmaster, is to be the lack of "file recovery or set to the correct position. For users, often to check the input url.

, put the three points included, and then use the creative images and content rich, even if a good 404 page.

so we see, is what causes 404 page? Here, the author sum up three points:

2, Web service extension locking strategy prevents this request.

I feel that no matter what the design of

1, not in the requested port access to the Web site.

we can see on the Internet, some 404 page design especially creative, this is very good, then as a Shanghai dragon Er how to design 404 pages we do, in fact as long as grasp several points in innovative, on all the OK.

generally speaking, when you open a web page, this page does not exist or when there is a problem with the jump of the current page called the 404 page.

3. in order to improve the user viscosity, you can add some navigation links such as in the 404 page, the drainage operation to attract users to continue browsing on your website.

404 page:

404 page design:

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