I have a very long time for the "keyword ranking" understanding is very vague, whether it is Google or love Shanghai did not seem to provide the accurate data, this ranking is almost third square Shanghai Longfeng data query website, and this number according to almost every third party of Shanghai Longfeng data query the results seem to have some difference, so for a long time I don’t know the "rank" where can be found. I remember the beginning, I was through the website statistics to see:

is the new


who is always there



What are the

ranking! !


recently may be because "a successful audit shows the love of Haizi chain" rights and the moon often patronize "love Shanghai webmaster community", and is also involved in many webmaster QQ group communication, found a lot of interest in the "love Shanghai keywords ranking" and "citation index". Often in the group to see a webmaster said "the site has not been included, keyword ranking dropped, citation index reduced" like this today with moon lament! His own personal experience and lessons for the love of Shanghai keywords ranking, I also teach you how to get stable their own keywords

! ?

according to the data released to adjust the direction of the content, and get the user needs feedback combined with the data analysis of the focus! So probably insist on a year or so, during this period because the love of Shanghai to bring traffic is really "insignificant" so I didn’t have to pay attention to the information (at the time, Google’s traffic is far greater than the love of Shanghai, energy flow) most of my time is on the site entrance expansion, mail subscription platform every day at least 6 article pull push, so every day I renew the content is 6, the six is not necessarily "original", but must be with the website of statistical data analysis results associated, this is actually very tired, is the "brains" to collect the contents can be said every day, now that I think are Timid! (it was not what WeChat, since the media, information asymmetry serious) really do not know how to get through: eek:

as Google later withdrew from the China, my site traffic has entered a difficult bottleneck, Google brings traffic has been decreasing until a

is Shanghai dragon sometimes more is to look at the behavior of the user, and the user’s behavior is the website brand word guidance to



those who bring traffic more

search keywords

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