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fourth: basic decoration and site evaluation given by others. The site belongs to the internal decoration optimization of the most basic, according to some of the most commonly used method to optimize website can be given by others; the evaluation of construction is optimized and external links, this is also in accordance with the most commonly used method to do OK.


is the most important in the network marketing and site optimization is the site of the site, as long as there is enough weight of everything is no longer a problem. How can we have the weight of

third: site structure to clear. The structure features of the site is equivalent to the human bone, he connects the various parts of the body, he can get all through the association. The structure features of the site should be defined to have primary and secondary points.

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anyway, in order to improve the site weight method will need to use the most basic routine to do, stand to make love Shanghai recognized you, as long as you love Shanghai in recognition of Shanghai, as long as the love that your site is credible, then your website will have a high weight.

second: out of the ordinary web content. We all know this, the content is not much, but in essence. If the same people used to describe it, the content of the website is equivalent to human flesh, what kind of flesh is the most attractive? The first is certainly healthy; the second is not redundant, if a person is difficult to estimate the bulge attracted the attention of others, the excess in the website content on the Internet belongs to highly repetitive content; the most important point, high quality content readable, if a person is HR negative blood, then he must have a higher value.

, the basic things outlined is very important, only to improve a basic site weight, appearance feature he belongs to people, not only good-looking, but also out of the ordinary, so as to attract others, and easy to remember.

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: the first website to weight first layout should be reasonable appearance, give the user a clear sense of simple interface, also need to page. Not only that, only pay attention to the page, is your website on the Internet is the only template, no one station and your site is like or similar.

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