first explain because the picture is large in size, so separated by a few pictures to show that.

then I look at the picture above, we will find the love of Shanghai revised first impression of users is more intuitive, with rich graphics and picture elements. It greatly improves the information and intuitive for users more convenient for us to find the result we want.

to do a star search keywords, we can see the following results:

There is a "the above information provided by these words love Shanghai integrated information display after the lower left corner of the

look at the search results on the right, love Shanghai changed the traditional display advertising, in order to change the star’s basic information and the close relationship between the characters such as the chain, we can see the star’s wife, friends etc.. I feel that this is still worthy of praise, after all, is the first in the industry right on advertising. It is helpful to enhance the user experience.

the integration of basic love Shanghai is its own brand’s content, the author tried several star search, found basically is the integration of the Shanghai encyclopedia, love love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love video news Shanghai pictures, music and other content love Shanghai. Of course, there are some individual differences, such as the star search without music, so do not show love Shanghai music, but also a lot of stars in the information display Sina micro-blog link. Because of the test sample is limited so the author keywords did not find the Tencent micro-blog appeared in the list of results.

today I love Shanghai in search of a star that love Shanghai and new search results to improve the user experience, love Shanghai has recently been emphasized the website of Shanghai Longfeng should improve the user experience, and recently launched 360 search also greatly stimulated the love Shanghai crisis consciousness, Robin Li himself wrote that "in the company internal mail, call out petty wolf" and so on can be seen in Shanghai is improving his love to deal with competitors and their core competitiveness under siege. Well now, following the start of talk about love for Shanghai celebrity search website for enhancing the user experience.

. This is in line with Robin Li’s "middle page mode, the use of search engine traffic entrance advantages, as its own brand oriented content construction on. This can improve the search engine’s viscosity, improve their brand awareness and brand image. Here the way to express personal views of Kazakhstan, often see the webmaster Tucao love Shanghai for their products in particular, ranking are very good, of course, this can not be denied, but the reason to say, first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization is indeed good enough, there are a lot of people have been discussed before the optimization of love in Shanghai the product, here is not enough. Then is the love of Shanghai most of the content is still belong to high quality content, such as Wikipedia, some excellent Shanghai know love >

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