Alibaba is one of the earliest search engine optimization (Shanghai Longfeng) e-commerce site, so far is the website optimization overall situation the best large B2B electronic commerce website of. Of course, later hc360贵族宝贝 in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is done well, the Alibaba’s search engine optimization level is far higher than the industry average.

Chinese station was included for the 5320000 noble baby, not only from the number of web page was collected on average, much higher than that of similar sites, more importantly, the Alibaba of "high quality, potential users more easily through the search engine found in the commercial release of Alibaba information, so as to bring more business opportunities for the users, the Alibaba also won more and more users site visits.



media has become the hottest topic, including BAT, the Internet giant also mood.according, have invested heavily in the formation and eager for a fight today’s headlines potential.

Alibaba –B2B e-commerce website optimization is the first person in Shanghai dragon

: Recently, the media exposure, since the media platform for today’s headlines in 2016 to the end of the completion of $1 billion D round of financing, investment valuation of $11 billion, investors including Sequoia Capital, construction bank capital etc..


The number of Chinese Webpage 2006 August data Alibaba

Alibaba uses multiple products for keywords in the search engine and other mainstream noble baby is very cold, even the name of the product, business information web content Alibaba will appear in front of the search results, this means that the potential can be found through search engines, Alibaba website issued enterprise supply and demand information in the user. That is to say > Arriba

with the mobile terminal media was born, since the media everywhere flower, WeChat public number, today’s headlines, the Sohu news client, a little information, Sina aspect, love Shanghai 100, NetEase, penguin, such as a public media platform gradually become the main way for users to access information. Since the rise of the media is to bring the presentation of fragmentation, fragmentation of distribution channels, the content of particles, for the interception of content distribution channels of the original single platform facing the challenge is not small.

Abstract: as the mobile Internet technology continues to improve, the rapid development of mobile media, PC end flow decline, market share losses and serious users. Without reminiscent of N PC years ago, the Internet era of flourishing scene, blossom everywhere contention of a hundred schools of thought. Although the mobile Internet technology, has become the era of Shanghai Longfeng offerings, a generation of the Internet people’s memories, today let us follow the phantom blog revisit that era "on Shanghai dragon fame" website OR platform which

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