now if you just do a website, ready to online, then you need to take your keyword positioning. Of course, every webmaster wants some popular keyword can have good ranking. But as a new station, Shanghai dragon have really so magical? Such as you do the novel website, then you must hope that the "novel" or "fiction reading" the popular keyword can row up the first page or first. But I can tell you that by Shanghai dragon is not possible, at least in the short term is not possible. Because now the search engine rankings especially for some popular keywords ranking with the more strict mechanism, but also for the site assessment period is also has exquisite. The previously mentioned search engine will never change the rules is the quality of the content show users search, one part of the human factor is added. For example: the site in the industry time >

a thousand li a day, today is the era of the Shanghai dragon, looking at the Internet to many websites, portals, small enterprise station, don’t do what the Shanghai dragon?! and now Shanghai Dragon technology is also very transparent, almost every website or website relates to how many people know a little. I once heard a boss said: Shanghai dragon didn’t what technology and practices are already very transparent, everyone knows, what’s the big deal. I would say, yes, now is not what technical content, so some methods. However, it is because there is no technical content of this technology will make people instantly, when there is no technical content of things so many people, the competition becomes more, it means more and more technology content, how can the people of Shanghai Dragon Age break out.


is now even Mars knows Shanghai dragon, content is king, the chain for the emperor. Content is king is certainly true, because the search engine that is really very important. The search engine ranking rules are rules that will never change, that is will be through some kind of logic to judge the quality and the out of the ordinary people all love the content recommended to search users. However, if it is really around content for the king to do, I think that is the website operation, it is not Shanghai longfeng. Here I have to add that this article is mainly aimed at the personal website of Shanghai dragon, that is purely to Shanghai as the center of the dragon.

as early as 2003, and not when the term of Shanghai dragon, I began to get involved in, at that time I put this optimization work called the search engine ranking optimization. Of course, when the site is very few, know how to do the optimization of fewer people. I made a very simple free novel website, as long as the title and keyword set will flow easily to. Then do a clothing website in just one month time to achieve the global Alexa ranking 40. But that is in the past, are the clouds


!The development of the Internet to

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