keyword density is the webmaster has been more concerned about the topic, is five percent – eight percent or three percent – five percent suitable suitable webmaster speculation to love, in fact, keyword density should not be accounted by the percentage, the more important the page should be different in different density. From the analysis of the front page of the site, the site home page is a site of the window, and search engines often grab content, so the home page should focus on the key words, increase keyword density, the keyword density can be around eight percent, the purpose of doing so is to let the search engine in the process of crawling the page in grasping key words, so as to improve the keywords the weight value, which help to improve the keywords ranking. From the analysis of pages within the website page: the page has to be concentrated in the website to show the content, the publication is concentrated, long tail keywords, so Web pages should be based on the keyword density density less is better, the keyword density should be three percent for the best, because of the long tail keywords will have a lot of repetition of words but, these repetitive words plus keyword density pages throughout the site constitutes five percent.

The Keywords Keywords

editor: think keyword density is the core of website optimization, page keywords can link, thus the density can be increased, the density of the inside pages is just a pass leading role, should be appropriate to reduce the density. The keyword density does not affect the user experience, not to the density and the density, this is typical mistake.

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as a Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, not only to the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng site optimization and utilization of optimization techniques that use code sorting website, should also learn some special skills and key Shanghai dragon, Shanghai has been the key part of Phoenix, today on pen share how to do keywords arrangement, let the whole site keywords showing a reasonable and orderly layout mode, quality ".

arrangement quality strategy

quality and website ranking, flow is directly related to the quality of the equivalent to keywords optimization of comprehensive quality of the site. Keywords quality selection should meet three principles, one is in line with the user search principle, two is consistent with the simple principle, three is in line with the principle of optimization, standing in the user search terms, the user in the search of love, to direct search keywords, keyword + + good such as how other related word search, and the webmaster to sum up the users love the search words, sorting out. Keywords simple principle requires the choice of keywords webmaster easy to remember and easy to enter "as the core, not keywords of your site is the new words keywords, this will cause the flow of the loss of the site. With search engine optimization when principle requires owners in the choice of keywords to choose high heat but low competition keywords, so you can get the site keywords ranking rise in a short period of time, create profit for the website.

array density strategy

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