(1) will be placed in the long tail word in the title as the title of the article. This article included the long tail keywords will be included, and the original title of the article ranking in general will be in front, the long tail word ranking to a non >

some long tail word interrogative sentenceWe also found that

, the search engine is very love quiz site, and answer the title of the article, the contents of the collection rate is very high, so in the choice of the long tail can be around the consultation question problem for products and services to customers, choose some long tail word interrogative sentence as the Title of the article.

(3) analysis of customer search psychology, choose those who have

(2) to select the

(1) is not necessarily a long tail word phrase, can also be a phrase, or a sentence

many owners still have a misunderstanding about the long tail word, that is the subject of the long tail word but with longer phrases, is just a word, in fact, the long tail word can be a phrase, or even a sentence. User search habits of Internet has been all sorts of strange things, now a lot of spam flooding, in order to accurately obtain the users want to search results, often with more precision, longer search words to search. For example, a key medical website promotion of the use of "breast cancer", many customers will search "breast cancer symptoms", many customers will search "early symptoms of breast cancer, there are a lot of customers will search" the early symptoms of breast cancer have? "These questions long tail word search volume is very high, but also easy to be optimized, so when we analyze keywords should not be confined to a few short words and phrases, should fully dig, try to extend the long tail category, the user needs all sorts of strange things, a search there will be a long tail.

most of the time we just look at the key words on the heat, but do not see the actual conversion keywords can bring the rate, do the final purpose is to sell the keywords ranking, not only to flow, so important in the choice of keywords, should choose those who have the intention to do the conversion of keywords, such as "Hangzhou bearing factory" far more than the words "work principle" bearing the purchase intention of strong, high conversion rate.

long tail word conversion rate

two, the long tail keywords in soft in the layout of

most of the webmaster has obviously felt, now Shanghai dragon has become increasingly difficult, with some good original weight chain resources is more and more low, the chain effect more and more unsatisfactory, the natural ranking to do natural ranking hot words more difficult, so she stabbed to death in the hot words there is not a wise move, for small owners, the long tail market is the path of development of reason. The text is a good carrier of long tail keywords. Today, with my years marketing experience, to share experiences with everyone.

, how to select the long tail keywords

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