believe in contact with Shanghai dragon friends heard of "content is king, the chain for the emperor", the two most important factors of Shanghai dragon, the quality of the chain is more important than quantity, so, what kind of the chain is good outside chain, which the chain of key word ranking in the choice of more favorable, and what principle?

8, the chain placement, generally speaking, the chain appears in the text is the most natural and the best. Avoid being considered spam links, if the site links are mostly from BBS signature, blog comments, also is bad, easy to be considered spam links, serious. May be punished.

, 3 of the chain source page. The page is derived more links, the weight of each link can share the less they do. Sometimes a chain would find some of the site’s weight though very high, but as many as hundreds of outbound links, the chain from such pages and the effect of it not good to go. So where do the chain try to choose less than 50 connections around the site.

6, generally speaking, the number of the chain is larger, more votes to the site’s ranking, the more helpful.

2, the source of the chain website. The web page update faster in search of snapshot, snapshot date very close, explain this page search engine spiders frequented, then means that you add to the link it will soon be crawling to, and effect. If the snapshot is a few days ago even a few months ago, the chain may be a few months will be estimated as detected by.

Update and snapshot of

9, the source of the chain page also points to what these other sites, site

7, from different IP chain: This is simply to be in a number of different sites left outside the chain, the chain multiple web sites link to your website is certainly better than Yudu from the same site or a few sites. And if every day to leave the chain at the same site, is the main version or delete posts is the title may come to naught, disappearing overnight tens of thousands of the chain.

4, the source of the chain website and website content, the source of the chain page with their web content more relevant, easier for search engines to determine whether your site’s theme, will think your website and the source of the chain site is related to the site’s ranking is good.

The number of outbound links chain effect and keyword ranking

5, the chain in the anchor text contains words, selection and site theme related keywords as anchor text is more favorable, the ranking and keyword chain around the anchor text, is also a factor affecting.

The correlation between

1, the source of the chain page’s weight, a chain of the equivalent to other sites to give their site cast a vote, but the score with a ticket is different, the chain weight of the page from the high score is relatively high, the site’s ranking is more beneficial. Specifically, including the chain the website PR, included the number, and the theme of the site, are often change and so on.

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