for quantity, the number of key words must be more. But the main keywords but should not be too much, otherwise it will lead to weight is too scattered, not conducive to the whole station and optimize the main keywords, so here suggest the best control in less than five. Since the number to control the main keywords, but also the development of the number of keywords, naturally we must mobilize the power of the long tail keywords. We can through the way of love Shanghai index, customer search habits and so on to dig more long tail keywords, and thus bring more potential customers flow.

recently wrote an article "lobular clear website optimization, optimization on" guidelines of the article, then today come to talk about what is the fundamental demand of the website optimization. For the website optimization, the basic demand is nothing more than traffic, but also from the search engines get more traffic. For the site, no matter how optimization, through what way to enhance the website keywords ranking, the goal is to get more traffic from search engines.


then keywords excavation work at the same time, we also need to optimize the keywords ranking promotion, also mentioned the keyword type in the above, one is the main keywords, one is the long tail keywords. And for the improvement and optimization of keywords ranking way is nothing more than some quality through the construction of the chain, the three aspects of internal control chain moderate and high quality content to start, then also do a good job of the title of the site, which pages open speed and so on, so as to better the key word ranking optimization and upgrading.

search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) referred to as the Shanghai dragon, so the website of Shanghai Longfeng flow obtained certainly from the search engines, and search engine traffic is from the user to the search engine search keywords. Therefore, for the keyword ranking more before, the easier it is to get traffic from search engines. The analysis found that the fundamental demand for the website of Shanghai Longfeng is through more improve the site keywords in the search engine rankings, so that these words bring more traffic to the site. From what is said above, we should take two aspects to carry out the work.

for many in the website optimization work personnel, need to do every day are the basis of some simple implementation, do it, in fact it is not tired, can be a long time but it is boring and annoying, if can make the effect, that is to say, after all, also have the harvest, but if not ready, it is very depressed. Therefore, before we optimize work, should first clear understanding of the fundamental needs of the site, which needs to carry out the work site optimization, and blind basis for some simple implementation is not desirable.


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