is big changes, there is a small change, the overall framework of the site remained unchanged, only adjust the content, the user need most of the content in the most appropriate place, let users find what they want to know things in the shortest period of time. Of course, you also need to do a variety of guide, may everyone in this note is relatively small. Because of the need to adjust the content of the site is not a simple thing, you need to understand this industry, the company’s products, the development direction of an in-depth understanding, grasp the latest trends, of course, the user needs a series of reasons to adjust the content of the website.

display data better than you before the site after the revision of the old website, that your website is successful, will also promote the trust ranking. Even if there may be a little effect, short and long term, as long as you do a revision is to meet the needs of users will promote the website ranking.

in Shanghai dragon circles often hear some people say that the revision will lead to the site right down, or have some adverse effects, some people in hear, becomes in the website of the overcautious. For some, this thing is actually about the website of each site must be carried out, on the right and drop effect in fact as long as we abide by the rules of the site, is generally not what big problem. The technical aspects of the operation, I did not say, you search website notes, believe a lot of content to teach you to pay attention to what. Talking to you today about according to some user experience or data with you about what website.

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you look at those sites every year several revisions relatively large, they are based on data and user demand. I see some enterprise website since do it have not made any changes, the fact that the site in the revision of the time is divided into two kinds, that is a kind of comprehensive style changes. This may be as long as you are in line with the user experience, if you can find the better compared to the original data, then change your website is to promote the role of the general situation, the search engine is not drop your right.

This kind of

because the search engine is ranked according to the previous rules, most of the late factor is according to data to a web site search engine ranking, and no matter what is your style, your site layout, because these itself cannot read. Especially your website later comparison of the data you must be before the revision of the data, because the only way you can know your change version is not consistent with the needs of users. For example, users stay has not increased, PV has not risen, the bounce rate has not declined, the site is compared when not more, this aspect of the data and before the revision of the.

in order to explain this question, I had time to one of my sites as an example, we are doing the catering industry training. You know the restaurant "


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