can be found to the search engines to crawl content, full of words, no wonder the rankings so quickly rushed up, I thought, is a black hat Shanghai dragon engage guy! Because of a rare opportunity, without demur immediately point into the site to see what is the use of spam tactics thought just keyword… The simple superposition spam technique, but not


and almost all come from the same domain, seems to be an artificial Shu, not natural access links. Curiously, click into the supply website, is a "seedling" website, with "soapnut biotech company" was related to the quality of the search engine, can find the content of the high correlation between site is great. But strange to say, the page could not find external links! Immediately search from the original code, I still find the

today inadvertently to search a website, it is clear that the characteristics of keyword superposition and love! Ranked third in Shanghai and Google, is to determine the ranking these days only washed up, because there is no previous note to this website.


did not set the anchor text, so the links are not displayed on the page, but search engines still have a way to crawl (or check the love of Shanghai would not have even more than 900). This hidden link technique, Shanghai dragon drunk a Chen Xiaohuan, was first seen on the market, the Shanghai dragon books, read four or five books, there is no introduction, but this is the most simple and most of the black hat tactics. First talk about keyword superposition of spam, this website links to use others means black hat, not because of changes to the site itself, so the risk itself is out of the garbage is low, but if the site is K off the table, is also very easy to affect their ranking.


black hat Shanghai dragon case – love Shanghai ranked 3

into the original site, only the latest news, all the headlines and text are full of "unrelated words", looked at the original code, nor have done special search engine optimization, many label description was not simply by writing, with the company name and some basic image the ALT key, even the first half is useless, maybe just online website, but only temporarily lost some garbage text content test. The latest news at a large number of search engine keyword stack is grasping this paragraph, then check the site even number, there are actually more than and 900

in HTML was there is a link, but no display is connected is hidden? From Firebug, see several links are hidden, but not through the setting of CSS hidden, nor on the < noscript > other similar tags. In the end is how to do it? Let me very surprised, finally found that he is not set the anchor text (link text)


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