I also think this habit is very important, remember when I was in school in Shanghai Longfeng, all kinds of strange problems of all kinds of professional vocabulary and their website optimization will be encountered in the process of it but I scorched by the flames, in just half a month in Shanghai on the basis of dragon and Phoenix have a more comprehensive understanding of this. Thanks to this good habit.

as a new contact Shanghai dragon new, it is necessary to develop some good habits to develop Shanghai dragon, these good habits can not only speed up your learning steps, but also let you have a strong thirst for knowledge, to learn more knowledge. The author is such a step by step through, just a month I mastered a large number of Shanghai dragon skills. Now share 4 of my summary of Shanghai dragon habit for everyone, I hope there is some help for beginners Shanghai Longfeng people.

mentioned at the beginning, they also began to Shanghai, full of interest, but because of the lack of a good grasp of their own interest in time, and now really do.

also, if you are not only a Shanghai dragon staff, or a webmaster, then you can take the opportunity to understand the site’s profit model and the user experience, some websites are done in these areas is very good, is worth us to learn.

. Why is this open

I want to

for a first contact and learn Shanghai dragon people will be full of interest and doubts. At that time I was learning motivation, but with the in-depth study, but more and more confused. I often think of some strange questions, such as "what is the impact on the forum theme included?" such problems, many problems are not immediately get the answers on the Internet, or you may get is not the same, so I have this habit, put down to think of the problem the day after, so as not to forget.

For a long time Shanghai dragon still only know the hair of the chain and pseudo original

I think this habit is the most valuable of all Shanghai dragon habits. When the search engine into a web site you use, you should ask yourself why this site in the front row so? Why do I search the keywords, other than the open web site

two. Your doubts are down


of course, just want to is not enough, in you through the search engine to get what you want the answer, you have to take this question, carefully study the website inside and outside Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, including his website layout, content update rate, content related degree, the number of the chain, the chain the website page keywords within the page, keywords and so on, of course, not all go to a website to them all a study, this kind of thing is to look at their own feeling, do you think this site is worth looking at the site where it is worth learning? Need to have their own independent judgment.


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