4, a word to let you understand smo


360smo is a word SMO promotion: as long as not by Shanghai dragon, promotion method SEM can be called SMO, the explanation is simple enough.

SMO", has been a webmaster know today, Amin popular to introduce my understanding of smo.

fell in love with the sea’s answer is to optimize the social media, SMO is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. The literal meaning of social media marketing: Social media optimization (SMO), popular point is 360 degrees in marketing, marketing to use all the cyber source. Methods a few easy to understand: add RSS subscriptions, "DiggThis", the top blog writing and incorporating third party community functions (such as: Flickr, YouTube picture slide video sharing).

is not as long as through the Shanghai dragon, promotion method SEM can be called SMO promotion, this is not a side, how to fall? How real to SMO promotion? This problem, 360smo will in future articles to introduce, here to tell you, have to stare at QQ, Sina these two platforms, the two companies have been in the direction of development of SMO force for a long time, the next one to two years, with the popularity of SMO thinking and sharing platform of large open, you can see the two.

3, SMO promotionIn order to explain the

SMO extension, cite a few case: micro-blog’s classic marketing case – "33 days", this film by micro-blog’s marketing, let the fire at the box office, you can search directly to the specific case analysis; SNS community marketing — beautiful website, you can go to understand that this beautiful the site, this site is currently on Taobao customers every day, traffic is very large.

The specific case of

2, SMO promotion, social media optimization is a new form of network marketing

The word "

1, what is the smo

5, SMO too broad, how to operate

no, social media optimization is not the latest form, is relative to the well-known Shanghai Longfeng marketing, with a new name. You say: blog, this is known as Web2.0’s representative, have whipped up a wave in the domestic blog in 04~06, first by Fang Xingdong a blog Chinese, then Sina, NetEase, Sohu continued to enter the bowl, especially Sina got the best "Hot Blog", pulled a large celebrity Jian Bo, what Xu Jinglei Han Han, Hot Blog, attracted millions of fans with Bo, this is social media marketing, blog marketing is smo.

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