interactive design gives the user a surprise

a lot of enterprises on the page structure are similar, netizens in the process to access the site actually has formed a fixed access mode, for example by breadcrumb navigation can clearly understand their position in the web site; no matter what page, click logo to return to the home page. So when making a website template, should give full consideration to the user visits the site of the habit of thinking. At the same time in the page but also to retain their own personality, such as the uniform marks the click of a button, and as a clear picture of a larger view can hover. Every good website, there must be a lot of original design out of the ordinary.

can enhance the user with

Any operation


Website template

out of the ordinary.

had to say in Shanghai love their products on a lot of effort, even if the love is floating in the Shanghai space window design is very little help, first it looks Kawai, then its design looks like a parachute, but it is really the way to parachute down to the bottom of the page, if so can not see, it is our own eye problems, so you will want to go to the point of it, when you put up the mouse, the speed of the parachute falling surge, you actually difficult to click to click, then against the award "four characters deeply stimulate your brain so, you really. The advantage of this is that in the Internet to attract attention at the same time, has been providing important information to the users, plus love Shanghai more to stimulate you to click at large the better to apprehend him.

years of business enterprise website, found that some enterprises take the page design idea very much, web page is also very beautiful, but useful function is not much, some of the features for the user is chicken ribs, this site is not a good user experience. I understand the user experience, not only the design of appearance, good design can give users a good first impression, then either general or detail also can bring new user experience, so the user experience of the website is successful.

users are required to get reasonable prompts and feedback, such as changes in text CSS style mouse hover, shading picture button or add borders and so on, so there is no doubt that the interactive design can bring higher PV number.

Web2.0 give us a lot of interactive function, allowing users more convenient access to the site. The operation of the user are in the form of web page design under the guidance of the. An ordinary website, an ordinary articles, when the user moves the mouse unconscious to sweep a anchor text in the article, the figure in the text, virtually enhance user experience.


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