was first A5 love you theater (贵族宝贝921.cc) please indicate

then I found this site from the inside to the outside was not a pop ads, when people visit the feeling very fresh, very comfortable. It is important to me the meaning of this sentence is actually "user experience!". At present, many do film website owners to make their websites profitable, at the expense of the user experience for a temporary windfall, actually do is also very deadly, a good website must face off station.

, thank you!

first, a fish that the site had changed a few times, the domain name is registered at 05 years, the first to do is video website, but later because of the profit, so the old webmaster and did some other types of station, what specific station, fish does not elaborate here ha ha. To go through several times after the revision, finally the corn and the new changed back to the film and television website.

website, thank you!

well, today a fish to about here, if you have more time, fish will take you more analysis

from the above we can see that the movie website is here in the short term can get such high weight and flow is related to its domain name, the domain name in the past have never be punished, it is not K station. Because of long time culture, the value of the domain name now may initially dozens or hundreds of yuan appreciation of the yuan several times.

also found a fish, the website of film and television works pictures are all stored in the local server, many webmaster open television stations are mostly rented a very cheap virtual space, then all the pictures stored in another station, in fact it is very deadly, because each image the equivalent of a chain, the chain every day with the update of your data, and then continue to erode the weight of the website, so save the picture is very important in the local.


due to the film and television website source and resources for relatively simple, so in recent years to film and television websites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as well up. We all know that no matter what the industry, as long as the market demand but a saturated, we will be faced with two choices, one is to give up the industry for another few not saturated industry, the second is the risk of survival. "Love your cinema" is born in this background, but due to the reasonable optimization webmaster and domain name advantage, make this just on the line less than half of the "new" flow on the five digit, and today a fish will come together and analyze the webmaster is how to operate

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