Shanghai dragon is after all dealing with search engine. The search engine is by the invention, it can not be divorced from human behavior, as long as we recognize this behavior. Understand the logic behind this behavior. We will give the direction of the operation.

State Trademark Bureau ranked first, will not be because he has a GOV domain name. And the logic behind it, what is the logic? Below please to restore a

the waist thick head little friends say, this is the national ranking institutions, of course, what to say? But you want? Why state institutions ranked in front? It is not the state agency’s website would be more consistent with the search engine algorithm? Well, the answer is of course not obvious. This is because the search engine for their specific properties. This attribute is the logic behind us today to discuss.

do you have every day to open love Shanghai, search keywords of their industry, view their rankings. Whenever a ranking of the rankings, you think you are happy happy at a loss, to grasp the truth of the same. Your little eyes are showing a name inside the feelings of joy. When your keywords fell, a cursed, fucking love Shanghai what stuff is. The love of Shanghai all the bad, in your mind flashes, your love is Shanghai’s eighteen generation ancestors greet one by one again. This time you have a problem not found.

the following is today the focus of discussion on the strategy of Shanghai dragon

although your keywords is always up and down, if you pay attention, you will find some website ranking has been very stable. They love their products in Shanghai, Shanghai love children, firmly ranked in the first place. You may say it is not easy to understand, let me give you an example. I was doing trademark agency business, I would like everyone, every day open 30 times love Shanghai, and then press the "trademark search keywords" industry ask whether I found marks on a word, the State Trademark Bureau ranked in the first place! See below

now I, is a business owner, want to register a trademark. Where to register ah, the earth people know to the Trademark Office of our country Industrial and Commercial Bureau below to register. I am stupid, I don’t know how to Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered, that I did not search problem, open the love Shanghai input, trademark registration and then have a return results. Please note that even if the return of first, second, three, not the Trademark Office website, other website, I will finally get a message to the trademark registration trademark registration. What is this concept? We always from other websites, get a registered trademark to the Trademark Office, trademark or query to Trademark Bureau official website of this information. No way, this is the information point to the role of. The trademark registration agency website, form a total.

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