The problem is that you

these pages like the Internet under the iceberg that can never be seen by the user through the search, if the search cannot be used to allow the user to see. These pages are so valuable? The search engines of the time? These are negative. And you will be included in the more dispersed the weights of the home page, the home is like a mother, but the inside pages like a child, the child, the mother to the natural dilution. That is to say to the first page of the weight lost, one might say the inside pages of the home page and transfer the weight. In fact, this is to see the situation.

Key words

actually essentially included with the rank of the website is not affected, your core keywords because you will not be promoted more than a few included. Because we see some sites to be plucked to only one page, but the rankings are still very strong. This shows that the overall site included the core keywords ranking is not affected, but the flow of influence in a certain extent is the. That is when your website weight is very high when the indexed page can bring flow, it can promote the core web site keywords ranking. Some small sites currently in love the sea still want to bring a few rankings, is unlikely to call. In Google there is opportunity mixed flow. Google and Shanghai love on the inside pages of the algorithm very different weight inside pages with Google that web page is the same, as long as it can meet the needs of users, and even some of the inside pages of keywords can row home page.

the two day Shanghai update, resulting in many sites included the chain rose, see a lot in the group like chat very happy, perhaps this is the last time love Shanghai upgrade algorithm after a bit "for the majority of owners compensation". But ask them whether the ranking improved significantly, like not what people stand up and answer. Estimated few website ranking has been good improvement, two data we often see, is a collection of many, one is the chain number. How much weight because it directly represented in the search engine, high weight included high well, actually this kind of view is not scientific. It contains great influence with the ranking? Everyone in the pursuit of the number included when there are no attention to quality? Today is to give you talk about that included comprehensive weight impact on the ranking or.

but love Shanghai in this regard judgment mechanism is home to give a high weight, the weight of the inside pages is very low, so the general website to do the inside pages is quite difficult. When to see you every day in the statistics page ranking proportion, we all love to say long tail traffic should come more than the core keywords. This is the author’s identity, but actually want to do such a situation is very difficult, but this is only suitable for the web site, like a small site, or small enterprise website to do the long tail basically is very difficult. If we do not do the long tail word website (or do) the rankings included and there is so much, there are a lot of problems.

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