chain: a lot of time is called the chain, links, but accurate terms should be called reverse links. In some cases the chain contains the chain, the reverse link refers to the relationship between the two "direct. There are two "," X "and" X Y, in the form of a hyperlink link to "Y," X "is then the reverse link Y. Simply say the chain is the document on the document, is the only site on the site outside chain station, "A to B, it is only the reverse link.

anti chain interactions: the chain is another site to our site to vote, our chain more that our value is higher, the higher the weight. Our chain more, we get in the search engine’s score is higher, the higher the score our ranking is better.

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is a new station if a short period of time to do a lot of the chain, the result of the search engine is that his station is cheating. But the new station can be crazy to do outside the chain, the chain the more the better, we should know the meaning of The more, the better., here, said the chain chain is the chain can only be called not called the chain, the chain can be done with a new blog, seduce spider crawling. Anti chain to high weight forum posting, leave the website hyperlink.

online foreign chain and understand the anti chain is: you published a post on any website, leaving super links to your site, if this post is included in the search engine, it is called the chain; not to be included, it can only be called the chain. So in the station, the chain is also contains anti chain. We use link and noble baby love Shanghai domain is not anti chain chain general said. But these two concepts gradually blurred.

the role of the chain: the chain is to provide a number of signs for spider crawling path information, to guide and attract spiders, can greatly improve the site included and visits.

chain and the role of anti chain:

reverse link and the chain is Shanghai dragon often see, hear, many people think that two is the difference between a meaning or not very good, but now we don’t need optimization so clear, the chain when the chain, the chain when the chain do it. But as the optimization personnel also need to distinguish, let us look at the.

A list of The

chain: also called external links, or links, personally think that the chain is able to bring the spider crawling to your access link, that is to say to your website links from other web links outside the site.

1, a similar "love Shanghai’s commentary" such a title, this article will often be regarded as authoritative article was reprinted references cited in this link to the article.

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