1, according to the website of the main project, the first large selection of some related, target customers easy to search in the word, the stars jewelry as an example, this website is an online trading platform for Korean jewelry wholesale, according to the main project, the most relevant "wholesale jewelry, jewelry wholesale Korea" "small jewelry wholesale network", "purchase" and other words. Chinaz first view of each word love Shanghai index, see search volume big, if not what people search, can PASS out; then check each word at present natural rankings of the first page of the website is the inside pages, or home page, if most of the page, we use the main page to do, the other is it is easy to do, and less than 500 thousand pages of words is relatively easy to do; if it is particularly hot, more than tens of millions of pages, or home are relatively high visibility of the site (see the number of included weight, etc.), you should try to avoid, be thankless, can turn to do the word.

1, different period may not be the same, according to the weight of the site itself, choose a little hot or slightly cold words.

2, the study and analysis of competitors. Just those words of the natural ranking website, see love Shanghai weights in the Chinaz, according to the number of visitors to see which words are sorted, bringing traffic to them, these words are all available, because people are already studied.

selection method of

, what is the target keywords

is the target keywords introduction to the basic concept of a Shanghai dragon, the veterans have bothered to say, to no contact with Shanghai Phoenix webmaster, may not be able to find the most suitable for your target keywords. Some owners find people do optimization, they do not Guannameduo, but now most of the orders of the Shanghai dragon Er, because do not understand your industry, they can provide the services you provide is ranked, keywords, he is responsible for the ranking, so the target keywords still have to determine for themselves.

is simple to understand, hope is the site in the search engine can have good keywords ranking, Shanghai dragon is around the target keywords to do.


so, what is the target keywords, how to choose, what issues need attention, love TOUS with their language, with the most simple way of expression in detail.

3, according to user search habits to find some new derivatives, but estimates mentioned above should be peer sites already have, they study time longer than us, we can start 0, starting from imitation.

2, the main business website to choose words related to the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is to improve the conversion rate, or even if the ranking is up, the user clicks, with >

two, targeted keywords


note the target keywordsKeywords

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