According to Xu Yirong

car bag early machine learning data from the founder had already accumulated three years of artificial only accept text car quiz, a total of 120 thousand car car car + Q & A peak average daily trips 1000+, q structured data 6 million + car data and false fault, in the 32 car from the media platform has over 200 million + total amount of reading.

talked about ·, Zhigang and his friends when he recorded his story, and Xu Yirong moved a little. Nearly a year’s time, he was alone in the office of a person, a little cornered state, what do think of every day, eat cold noodle Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce up at noon, trapped in the old sofa to lean on. Slowly, he has the feeling of fog clouds.


is mainly the lack of information and the lack of relevant knowledge about car owners. This is a bit like with the medical situation, ordinary consumers do not have the medical knowledge, some hospitals are likely to open headache and slight fever on 1000 medicine. This not only wastes social resources, but also may harm the body of the consumer, lead to other problems.

this is the beginning of two person, the team was up to 40 people, later became the 8 person, finally left the Xu disguise a person. He brought the men one by one, and sent them away one by one himself, at a coffee shop in Wudaokou.

development team to buy cars in 2016 consultants, Intel and China Academy of data organized by the Shanghai BOT large data applications and global competition, tournament 78 teams, defeated from Hong Kong University of science and New York University, University of Toronto, the team hit the wing, Dr. yuan team and many other teams, won the championship.

, you don’t mind that, five years, ten years later, the girls wear clothes will be more and more attention to popular models, not brains will know Chinese eat more and more the pursuit of health, tourism will become increasingly prosperous. However, this time is no longer a guangzhebangzi the uncle’s age. As long as the goods listed, the user can easily buy, you can sell. From 2010 to 2020, China’s consumption increased rapidly

in 2014, the Complaints Department of the National Consumers’ Association accepted 14379 complaints related to automobiles including parts and components, and the complaints mainly focused on 3 aspects: quality complaints 40%, maintenance complaints 46% and after-sale complaints 14%. On the other hand, this year’s 315 party headline is the car 4S shop after-sales service problems: minor illness overhaul, can repair also change for you. Such operations are not only 4S shop, the size of the street repair factory is not a small number. So, what’s the cause of this phenomenon,

zhuaxia left him with a profound lesson: would rather spend a year to choose a direction, then you can do 5 years, 10 years, rather than rush to pick a direction, do two years to change. He is more grounded, not in accordance with their own preferences and needs to do a niche product, but what others need, you use the best technology to provide services for them.


explores the business logic model, transforming data from information to knowledge. Users do not need to "learn", they already have the knowledge and experience they can always pick up. He believes that the future of the automobile market including gasoline and electric vehicles, there will be a third Fang Zhineng platform between B terminal and C terminal connected car market service providers and consumers, formed a one-stop car consumption and car entrance, hoping to do such entrance bag.

2005, Xu Yirong founded zhuaxia network. At that time, take what he said today, it was "Bai Fumei", graduated from Peking University and Standford, and IBM, the youngest engineer of Band in the international enterprise. In order to prove that he is forced, he did entrepreneurs, determined to win. Zhuaxia is a RSS reader, in about four years later, zhuaxia sold watercress.

car bag founder Wang Mao believes that the vertical field of intelligent assistant, knowledge atlas is the core, identification is the key. Vertical field data learning is recognized as a breakthrough. When the platform has a lot of owners of car interaction problems, and a priori domain knowledge, structured methodology, is based on which the knowledge map, through practice and verification platform, car quiz data can indeed be financed car quiz, more can enhance the user trust degree.

see a lot of direction, Xu Yirong eventually chose female fashion, only the beauty of the fashion shopping site, the original girl on this website to share clothes, bags, accessories, guide traffic to Taobao on the seller. Now, "beautiful" into a fashion electricity supplier website, merchants directly settled beautiful, said the user directly in the beautiful said to complete the transaction. Xu Yirong’s forecast for this year’s performance is $3 billion 200 million.

business is the most important, you must follow a trend of entrepreneurship still water runs deep, Emmanuel doesn’t depend on smart. Not that you have a smart looking idea to get started. You have to see what the fundamentals of idea are based on. Whether the fundamentals have practical and lasting needs – Xu Yirong’s point of view, you can see in other entrepreneurs, the real demand is the most important, this is the meaning of living in the present. Why do some applications when the explosion of red, the time has no news? Because idea is based on imaginary demand.

we previously reported the "car bag ""; recently, the transformation and upgrading has been carried out, is committed to the use of artificial intelligence, natural language understanding of technology, improve car, car, car application scenarios. The founding team, 1 car start-up veterans, 3 from Tencent, thunder product manager, AI geek and full stack engineer. The team has a wealth of experience in automotive Internet industry, mature products and engineering capabilities.

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