2, I earn more money than you do on the Internet. I don’t have any training courses. What training do you have?

everyone knows: everyone’s family, background, constellation, blood type, personality, habits, education, perception is not the same, the same knowledge, different people use the results will certainly not be the same. On the basis of poor students, you give him a good training, he also sounds like listening to mumbo-jumbo, many of the concepts are hazy. A picture, a single page is done very rough, blog is also erected with free platform, network marketing simply can not be carried out, even if there are a lot of accurate traffic, come in, will waste most.

cares about national science and education development, Wang Naichen is the most concerned about since the university. He said, although live the life of cock silk, but also very worried about the prime minister should worry about the matter.

27 year old Wang Naichen

first import fish ponds, a look without appetite, naturally no fish willing to bite. Can outsource, you can take advantage of the giants? Yes, yes. Reinstall the system design of a large dozens, dozens, hundreds of a single page, a blog hundred, a hundred SEO mall, optimization of hundreds of thousands, and may not only reinstall a system design, a map, a single page? These problems may be repeated at each time all outsourcing? Even experts are willing to help you free, you mean always trouble expert? Money is all visible outsourcing has little work.

is far from knowing Wang Naichen’s popularity as a young entrepreneur like Wang Kaixin and Ma jiajia.

1, I spent thousands of dollars to study, what effect also did not, is simply a big liar.

unicorn, derived from the VC terminology, refers to the valuation of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars in start-up companies. Data show that from January 2013 to November 2016, nearly 100 start-ups in China valued at over $1 billion, topped the Unicorn list.

from the above 10 Unicorn enterprise founder of the distribution point of view, no one is doing mobile Internet this thing, of which 5 are doing mobile providers. In addition, witty Xiao Bian also found 10 of all men, and there are 3 Zhang and wang…… Remove the young unicorns characters, and the rest of the same young Unicorn founder, such as Wang Xing, Wang tao…

a , reinstall the system, a simple modification of a single page are novice, to listen to a few marketing class "subversion" mind, expect interaction with fellow students could learn a lot of basic courses, a little too optimistic. Very difficult, almost a technical, the site of the huge web site, no differentiation, no profitable products, no profit model, which can make money?

then at the end of 2013, Wang Naichen returned to the founder of the venture accelerator, and peer in tophere building 10 storey rented more than 2000 square meters of space. Since then, Alphawolf ie Zhongguancun intelligent hardware enterprise accelerator was born, is committed to help enterprises to be hatched through upstream and downstream from manufacturing to sales channels, for enterprise product growth cycle to provide one-stop service.

individual novice personality has not developed perfect: will only think of desperately demanding, but never think it should return, this can also make money?

engaged in network marketing training liar more recently, there are many articles on the network, engage in network marketing training, there are many swindlers, which will point out, especially Wang XX. After reading their rebuttal, I had the following thoughts. In fact, these ideas I have always wanted to write, but I have been back to today. I think the following views are very neutral and I absolutely do not favour anyone. If you think there is no truth, you can leave a message.


so, the novice can’t earn money will blame the teacher teaching is not good, but do not reflect on their own, this is not surprising.

Wang Naichen, born in 1989, took Lithuania language, English, Russian, German; stock speculation over silver commemorative coins; play music, do a training class; ran enrollment, in the Internet education market pull advertising, net profit of 20% shares of the company; the side of the business side of studying in the United States, the establishment of the new rainbow limited company of science and technology ", make high-tech patent and market introduction of China.

here should learn from purple rain teacher, he has no technical problems, can attract technical master to help him. But how many novices can achieve that?

company can grow to Unicorn level, its company founder can not help. In today’s cold winter and fiercely competitive market, if the founder of a unicorn enterprise is under 35 years old, perhaps they are a legend themselves…… Then, the investment community will show you the story of the 80 founders of 10 Unicorn enterprises.

some actual combat experts, even if they do not participate in training, because the experience accumulated over the years, or because they are rich two generations, there is a large number of operational capital, earn a lot of money on the network. He can not see that the teachers — by shouting: my site

editor’s note 2016 is approaching its end, the downturn in the economic transformation this year, so that all industries are facing a severe test, "investment end of the year special plan: 20 thousand and 160 big Unicorn series.". Review this year and a storm wave undulator in the market, the unicorn there is life and death, also have a desolately……

|: doing the "grass root", hold the prime minister’s heart

as of now, Alphawolf has hatched 34 cooperative projects, projects involving artificial intelligence, networking, cutting-edge manufacturing and other cutting-edge technologies. At the end of October 2015, the company’s total valuation has more than 12 billion yuan. >

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