environment there, B2B must be born in the economic winter, when the economy of the spring and summer of B2B have no chance, the real economy to the winter, B2B will have the opportunity to Alibaba each business level, are related to the environment in winter, the day let Alibaba B2B live is SARS, this time can not be met, not by plane can not travel, such activities conducive to the spread of SARS, SARS is not conducive to trade, so the Alibaba is a rare opportunity, but at that time, because of SARS brought inconvenience, then there is no way to do the fair.

Wei Zhe proposed China B2B industry history far exceeds the B2C business, but has not ushered in a large outbreak, a large factor is the law of development of the industry and the development of the real economy on the contrary, when the recession has B2B industry growth.

I work in the Alibaba for five years, basically is also responsible for the business of B2B, leaving Ali after creating casaarte fund, we have 1/3 of the capital to invest in the field of B2B, is also engaged in B2B industry veteran practitioners ten years old driver, once the B2B party, and we must meet, share about ten years, especially recent experience.

, leaders and colleagues, good morning,

now site to make money on the exposition, we must have seen a lot of webmaster. In fact, I do not stand too long, but also envy other stations grow up fishing. I think many webmaster, like me, have the same dream of making money. I have more than one year experience, now I am going to hang up several kinds of advertising alliance, and I will report to you:

so it’s important to make money on an advertising alliance. In fact, the flow is not so easy to do, if you are the weight of sh419 station worth mentioning, if it is a general station, the flow of sh419 to you only more than 1000, more than 1000 of the traffic above said, very little money. Lucky bags now also one hundred, do not pedal tricycle union money, this is the old wife make fun of my story, yes, a month to earn more than 200 yuan a problem, the owners when too timid.


below is Wei Zhe’s speech record:

The first time


now Adsense advertising alliance is generally hanging GG, mom, the first video, etc.. In fact, these ads are supported by a number of traffic, otherwise the income is too low for you to imagine. When I first started, I applied for GG ads, and I missed the GG AD and wanted the dollar to roll in. Six months later, when I applied for it, I found GG’s income was the same. One thousand and eight hundred of IP was only a half a day. So low income, I would like to hang more than a few League, and later hung mom, is also very low, a day to get a few dollars, when the difference is only a few cents, and then hang the first video, lower, only 10 fen.

, is the financial crisis in 2008, the foreign trade industry impact, so that a large number of foreign trade enterprises lose the good old days Hanlaobaoshou, have to embrace the Internet, just a few leading experts said the whole.

he also pointed out that B2B is the cake industry rather than making a cake, cut into the platform vertical industry must meet the "fight", "poly", B2B2.0 is a chemical reaction, the financial attribute is born, need to meet the "three poor" – regional difference, the scale difference and time difference; expansion needs to pay attention to the "four the rate of" coverage rate, conversion rate, repurchase rate, permeability. Finally, Wei Zhe reminded B2B entrepreneurs do not fall into the "two pit" – Subsidies trap, KPI only pay attention to the amount of transactions.

B2B why spring is so slow?

B2B second important period of development in the history of Ali

so big flow, do mom, the first video ads should pay attention to, to control the flow, not too big, too big, the alliance will K people. But some people say that I can’t control the flow ah, actually also is simple, every day you hang advertising time not too long, if the flow rate to the allowable value, you down is advertising, just do a morning or an afternoon, so that the data is not unusual. Of course, this is for large traffic sites, for our small websites, we’re big on the stream

Internet changes very fast, but just said BAT A Alibaba, started the business still existing, and also have a significant contribution to the business is the business of B2B, 1999 to now has been in existence for seventeen years, how many Chinese Internet business model can last for seventeen years, so B2B is actually one of the most China Internet application history, but why has not the very fire, in twelve to twenty-four months in the past, began to gradually received attention to capital.

do flow, I want webmaster experience a lot, here will not repeat it. What I want to say here is that the traffic is too big to pay attention to. Big flow, hang a GG, mom’s advertising, income is not bad, general, do ten thousand traffic, GG income is good, earn five knives a day, no problem. However, these advertising alliances are not insurance, that is, traffic can not be bigger, otherwise it will be League K off. Not long ago, in a first online video, logically speaking, the first video daily income is not high, but the future income reached three thousand, mainly his large flow ah, one day hundreds of thousands of traffic, scared the first video to deal with him, to end his cooperation and abnormal data. One of my friends too, so the college entrance examination network, usually thousands of traffic, but the entrance to the Internet crazy click, one day can reach hundreds of thousands of traffic, arguably, a mother income well, but my mother did not work, the abnormal data ended with his work.

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