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Tao treasure novice more and more, the following 50 questions, you must know, otherwise the consequences will be grievous!

19, you have to start studying Empire CMS and Dreamweaver, someday you’ll understand,

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15, you have to know where to fish for more fish!

7, you must know a few stronger than you "master", when you encounter problems, let you avoid detours

3, must know that Sina blog is not your home, they have the right to kill your dream, make you want to cry no tears!

4, you must buy a search engine optimization and advanced Wu Zexin, this is the basis of learning SEO teaching material,

both notice that "listed in the domestic capital market strategic development planning", or "to promote the company’s IPO work," explained brewmaster network to make this initiative delisting new board are enough to show its turn >


May 26th, giant liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network announced that due to the company’s strategic development planning business strategy development needs and capital market in China, to the National SME share transfer system for terminating the listing on the new board.


21 must learn to lay down the statistics code to let you know you >

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13, must know to pick those commissions relatively high product to push, otherwise you sell 100 pieces out, may have 1 dollars!

18, you have to have a little HTML code, at least you know where PID is, or you’re working for someone else, you don’t know,

exit, and had become network network situation for the wine business bubble is completely different from that of the brewmaster network take the initiative to apply for delisting, is the industry that is the first step, fought in the motherboard impact IPO. However, the brewmaster network in the past 3 years half time accumulated losses of 900 million yuan, may be difficult to meet in the A stock IPO "nearly 3 to keep more than 30 million annual profit" requirement, the final success of the board also need to draw a question mark.

!6, ! !

April 2017, LETV’s liquor business platform network network 838890 suddenly announced the termination of listing on the new board, the end of the maintenance of only 8 months of life in the new board. Today, brewmaster network 833919 also joined the ranks of the delisting, becoming the network network, three new board listed companies in the second liquor business enterprise delisting.


must know that Ali’s mother is a for-profit company, you have 10% Ma Yun guest Commission

, 11, said he must know the monthly income of million people have a purpose, your monthly income of 10000 yuan, can you tell me the way to

must know promotion seven days without income is normal, you calculate the receipt from the film to the payment to

8 must learn to use advanced search engines, and don’t ask for answers when you have a problem,

April 17th this year, brewmaster network has issued a notice of announcement, said, due to the annual report preparation time tight, annual audit, annual report preparation work has not been completed, the company 2016 annual report will be postponed disclosure. Since then, the brewmaster network initiative to apply for ten days before delisting, brewmaster network also for failing to be released 2016 annual report, sponsored by brokerage tips may be the risk of delisting.

1, must know that Taobao customers earn money, is not so easy, the sky will not directly drop pie, but also by hard exchange!

brewmaster network issued a notice, in order to promote the company’s IPO work, according to the company’s business strategy, in May 26th the brewmaster network held the second session of the ninth meeting of the board of directors approved "on the company’s stock on the National SME share transfer system to terminate the listing of the motion of" and other relevant resolutions. The bill still needs to be submitted to the company for the third extraordinary general meeting in 2017.

brewmaster network active delisting for the new board, the board to pave the way for

must know not to buy the entire station program, unless you can fully understand the source code inside

2, you must know that Taobao customers can not be your life’s career, but grasp this experience, you will enjoy life!

must learn to produce their own simple guest website, not just to do guest, also in order to enhance your own

? a few days? !

17, you must know the link you sent today, it may take a few days to buy,

5, must know, will only BBS post promotion, is wasting their youth!

14, must know that this advertising model called CPS, only after the transaction to get money,

as the largest liquor vertical electric providers, brewmaster network delayed annual report released in 2016 by the news of the industry’s attention at the time; all kinds of speculation and There were many discussions. Pull. Now it seems, the truth has surfaced, Brewmaster Network Annual Report postponed the real reason is that its initiative to leave, open IP road.

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9, you must know, API site model is not new to operate, that is not ordinary people can play things


12, you must know where to promote, you go to the car forum to promote the girl butterfly, useful

prior to this, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng has repeatedly raised in public, brewmaster network in the new three board listing, will choose the transfer board. October 2015, when the brewmaster network has just listed three new board, Hao Hongfeng revealed on the motherboard listed ambitions, hoping to go to the main board in 2016 listing, unfortunately, so far failed to do so.

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