however, last week, Apple announced that iPhone 5 will adopt a redesigned base interface. As a result of the manufacturing process, some funders of the project still haven’t received the Elevation Dock. A designer is busy designing the adapter and upgrading the previous product. A sponsor said on Kickstarter: "I just want to get my product before iPhone 6 is available."."

Should pay attention to

it is sometimes easy for Project advocates to get funding. But they have to make their dreams come true and accept the supervision of the sponsors in the process.


in most cases, this pattern works. But for certain projects, such as larger and more demanding projects, project development may lead to errors and long-term delays. For example, if you want to run a food cart, you probably won’t be able to get approval. And for Ele>

network is now awash with buffered Taobao off API procedures, most of the PHP based version of taoapi as a framework to write. Taoapi is a good program, through the text to cache the API data is very suitable for small sites, even without the database can build virtual host for small, very good adaptability. But for a slightly larger site, disadvantages of this method began to reveal the.

, Kickstarter and IndieGogo are building links with funding providers for designers and other innovators to help them achieve their dream of innovation. Such services are becoming more and more popular, and Kickstarter is the largest such site. On the site, nearly 3 million people have funded about 30 thousand projects, with a total investment of $300 million.

leads: "New York Times" published on Monday said, Kickstarter and other public chips platform is developing rapidly. On the one hand, the congregation raised platform to cultivate a number of successful projects, on the other hand, investors are also gradually aware of the risk of raising public projects.

could lead to pitfalls that would make both project sponsors and funders reluctant to see the situation. Investors give full confidence to the project’s stakeholders and provide them with funding for future returns. For example, if you invest in a movie project, your name will appear in the subtitles. And if you invest $100 in the smart watch project, you can even get the final product.

between the website content homogenization problem in this can be done by calling API when adding some custom special parameters to solve, such as you can set the default classification list only call commission percentage is at 231 to about 5000, which is in accordance with the total number of API ten thousand to calculate the commission ratio, minimum 150, maximum 5000, classification list this is your page is not the same with others, even if the program is almost the same, the data obtained are not the same. The list of data is not the same, the final goods content page data is also not the same.


two, there are a lot of cache empty content, namely to API data is written to the cache, the taoapi is not making judgments, caused a lot of calls to the page if the data in the cache, then valid pages are blank or wrong, "

to get off API data Taobao problem:

project or difficult to complete

below is the full text of this article:

, KickStarter and other public raising platform, so that more entrepreneurs get the money, but also allow them to carry a more heavy moral burden,

, a slightly larger API web spider especially sh419 spider crawling frequency is very high, a day set up to tens of thousands of tens of thousands more, write text files into space or VPS or the server inside a long time every day, less than a month to estimate your VPS hang, do not hang will be very slow. Space is absolutely hanging, server do support, but do you wait for the server hard disk replacement.

last December, the idea of developing a iPhone aluminum charging base was touted online as a result of its announcement. Project sponsors raised nearly $1 million 500 thousand through the platform Kickstarter, and pledged to provide the Elevation Dock products to the sponsors in April this year.

Taobao in recent years off popular grassroots political arena, Taobao customer program is also very much, there are free, there are fees. Do Taobao customers earn money earn less, selling over. The reason is nothing more than more than 80% Taobao customers sites are built by API, homogenization of serious, and often fail to obtain the data, resulting in different page content repeat serious, reduce weight website.

Public offerings such as The new model of

page called a API on the line, up to 2,3, if more, the number one minute call easily over, then Taobao will shield you from this background app_key call for about 1 minutes, this time your website without a cache then all is blank. The solution is to reduce the single page API call frequency, while increasing the API cache and set can not obtain data automatically call the old data to avoid a blank page or a mistake, there is no data set when the call is not saved when the cache cache is empty, otherwise, will cause the buffer time even if API calls to the data page. Is blank or error.

financing threshold lowered by

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