has been a computer player since high school, until now. Learning is not good, it is not bad. University began to get web sites, and got a few, but not a good one. All submerged in the vast sea of

remember, the first to do the site is to sell mobile phones, spent more than 300, and made a space, spent 340 sold a store program. 2 months of bankruptcy. Domain name seems to www.coom8.com sold 4 mobile phones, the cost is up, but it is not easy to sell. Later, the websites were all personal interests. Forum built. Registered several domain names, generally life expectancy in 1 years, and recently spent 320 registered lyg.la, want to do friends in Lianyungang. I’m sorry now. There is also now used (Chinese body art network) 8865, just started with the new cloud CMS made a circle. It is best to use the new cloud, web content for several waves. From PR4 to PR0 (the site does not receive revenue, delete content, to PR1, and finally a probability =0". Do so many garbage stations, do a good job is Lianyungang information network. When www.lyg28.com was a graduate, the site had no 100 IP a day, and planned to work for a while regardless of the station. The site gradually increased traffic. Only to find out that Baidu helped. There are about 500 IP a day right now. Although not many people, but has been very pleased.

from these garbage stations, I finally found that insistence is the basic site. You can’t understand technology, but you can’t stand it.

personal feeling garbage station is not terrible, terrible is no data on the garbage station. So you have to collect someone else. Why is a website collected, dropped or K?. It’s not enough of you to be garbage and not diligent enough. Is the information on the website just for show?. Millions of messages don’t exist. Do users need it?. Nowadays people like most of them. Just like a supermarket. People like to go to big supermarkets. Garbage collection station to a certain extent, there will be qualitative changes. Therefore, it is not quite collected, collected tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions. And then do more friendship connection.. Maybe someday, there will be tens of thousands of information about your website in search.

now collects 2000 pieces a day. Prepare for the future.

there are two killer website don’t expect for life. The work is going on. The site can’t stop. Said so much, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

let our garbage stop garbage collection in the end, the industry all the information he collected. You’re not the boss. Who’s the boss?. I don’t litter. Who is garbage?. I do not collect for the people who collect.

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