a person to build the site of the experience analysis, summed up in the promotion of the site to get traffic feasibility report, this is a good tip, is free service, in this service extension explanation.

1, free service.

analysis: a large capacity space abroad are good resources, traffic is large, 1 years 400-500 yuan, you can afford, you know how to operate, unlimited virtual space is divided into several, free for users, you say, how effective, the near future will cost you take back, this is the second one, it must have the appropriate publicity, otherwise, there is no one knows the good stuff is of no use.

2, viral propaganda.

combined with the first one, you will know how to operate, for example, the number of posts to get free space, so the 1 said to the other 1 people, and so on, get unlimited membership, you said is not to reproduce the principle of 100 thousand IP boom. If you want to promote optional webmaster more BBS, use good signature and post and so on small soft text.

3, said before do this to set the content of your website content is a magic weapon to retain customers, which take the first one, free space, free space you have to do is how to establish the forum and blog or CMS video tutorial, to set up a Q & a plate to solve problems, and this is very necessary. To learn how to record video tutorials, there is nothing simple and complicated to say, to explain in detail.

4, building a QQ group. Here is the role for you bring rich members, you can sell the value of file resources in obtaining the popularity of the website, when your reputation is very good, there will be people take the initiative to contact you, a matter of time, often to the group to express their views and value of resources. Everyone loves good things.

5, the website to make money is not easy, nor do you use automatic propaganda tools can easily do, the key is the connotation of better mentality, that is, there is no trick, when you do, the lessons and experience, you will know the ropes, and then you will see light suddenly, the original is such a thing. Simple.

6, good fortune.

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