such as title, 23 last night to submit new sites, 15 points today, GG has been included


I am a novice, very new, such as fake replacement, so far is not clear, that count is included. But search, the first is indeed my station, should be included,


GG data shows the "December 4, 2008", I do not know what it means, anyway, I was last night before the GG submitted, I do not know whether it is a friend to help submit. It’s been more than a week since the domain name was added to space.

also read a few articles before, say, want originality. My station is indeed original, modify the DZ, has been half a year, repeatedly, dilatory and unsatisfied with my friends. But I do have perfectionism. The level is limited, it is impossible to do what others think is perfect, but at least you have to shut yourself up.

is the second, before a friend sent some reprint content, I was "loyalty", now the rest are original. (PS: search domain name, there are some other information, most of which is also issued by him, do not know whether this is a warm-up on the domain name, in GG mixed with a familiar face?)

this station just started, still not perfect, even a Chinese name is not. As for what keywords, I am completely ignorant, only know the original, find something worthy of the topic, after all, BBS is to do the topic.

Google more tolerant to the railway station, I think this is included in the cause, Baidu has not included! The road is long, there are many things to learn, this article is not to talk about the experience (I am not good enough to count), experience it, also hope that a lot of


novice, look tolerant,


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