1, do not put all the links in the image,

previous web links are text, and underlined to identify. But soon, people hated these text links, so they used image links. Later, more than an image, a link is too cumbersome, so all the links are put into an image. But not all users open the image load, and if you put all the links into the image without any text links of the same function, the user might be at a loss.

2 and be careful with automatic scrolling

has been to a content rich page, which uses a lot of common web authoring techniques: current time, access time, and so on. However, there is one that is not very good, and that is the automatic scrolling of the window. I just want to send a message to the master page, but I can’t make the scroll bar stop to let me click on the link, so when I spend a long time to "hit" link in the E-mail window, the military did not regret good shooting


3, do not use delay effects of javascript

‘s Web Page Maker is crazy about joining JavaScript in order to make web pages more powerful. At the rate of running cats, these scripts are nothing, users don’t mind. However, if these scripts can cause delays, the user’s attitude is different.

a Chinese Web page when loaded window background — inside the window without any content — from white gradually become black, the whole process takes a few seconds, hey! Don’t look down on this for a few seconds, I can check all


4, do not rely on browser

too many websites have added the word "please use IE browser to browse the website" at 800×, 600 resolution. I installed IE, NC, and Opera because I’m going to make web pages and need them to test the readability of web pages in these browsers. But the average user doesn’t install so many browsers, and he doesn’t even remember which browser he needs to use.

may not be possible to make web pages have the same effect in the use of all of the browser, but as far as possible to achieve this objective, will make web pages in the browser has such features, in another browser has different characteristics, this is the work of designers, not


5, don’t forget copyright

now, the Internet infringement of intellectual property rights is very rampant, a provider of free personal web pages on "particularly serious — even selling pirated CDs! For some new free personal web provider requires users to submit a detailed, real personal information at the time of application, to prevent the occurrence of unpredictable things.


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