23 February 2010 the Ministry issued "on the further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" emphasizes the website organizer must face to face verification, affecting the entire industry site, then it will bring what kind of impact to small and medium enterprises IDC


1, passenger affected,

as we all know, IDC company refers to the value-added services provided on the internet. He includes applications for domain names, rental of virtual hosting space, hosting services and other services. According to the Guangxi Yingtuo network IDC responsible person, currently in Guangdong, Henan and other operators and IDC have money, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places have heard no longer provide hosting services such as news, personal webmaster to its website, in addition to the domain name, hosting fees, but also bear the relevant expenses record verification brings, this undoubtedly makes part of webmaster for website is prohibitive.

cash rich owners, long-term worry thatmittelstand IDC enterprises can not provide services, would not choose different IDC trouble, most local when the site is known and the strength of the IDC business services, in order to ensure their long-term stable operation site.

2, unable to retain the original customer

to the owners had to travel to verification server located IDC departments to verify, virtually increase the cost a lot, even some individual stationmaster station over the cost of expenses, so these owners had moved abroad, or close the net station. And the rich funds of the original customers, may also take this opportunity to migrate to a more stable, more powerful IDC enterprises.

3, relying on the virtual hosting business, has been unable to survive

in the 08 years of economic crisis, IDC enterprise hosting business and machine rental business has shrunk a lot, face verification policies, which depend on virtual hosting business enterprises directly face the collapse of the situation, these companies need to obtain more profits through other businesses, or open up new profit point.

4, localization process accelerated

face to face verification, the various enterprises are now going to the station or remote IDC service business owners to give up, and turn to the local IDC companies, which not only save a lot of trouble, but save a lot of cost, it will prompt the IDC localization services. The accelerated localization of IDC services has led to the reshuffling of local businesses, and many local customers have undoubtedly added a lot of opportunities for IDC enterprises, while some IDC enterprises have also gained opportunities because of less local competition.


5, the website is rectified, IDC welcomes new opportunity,

After the

website has been rectified, the surviving websites have been developed to a certain extent, and the requirements for IDC services will be improved accordingly

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