for a long time, when I was browsing Sina, Sohu, Yahoo, I didn’t care anything. I thought it was normal for people to do web pages. It was normal for me. However, with the increase in the number of Internet access, there are different ideas, why can not I have a web site, the vast network of space, always leave traces of their own pass it. With the idea, but the website is still very vague production, and how to do the site is not clear. Then come step by step. Every success begins with a different thought than others. Ha ha, although many people do not know how to do now, but I was the first one to eat crabs, oh, referring to our class.

, start with the blog. It’s the easiest thing to do. It’s not on the Internet all over the place. Is it the blogging age now? As long as you type, that’s the blog. Search anywhere on the Internet. Blogs are everywhere. I don’t say much here, I have applied for a blog website, doodle for a few months, and gradually understand how to fix it. And then I’m not satisfied. After all, the blog is ctrl+c and ctrl+v (I think most people do, huh, don’t hit me with bricks). And apply for a home in Hsinchu now, then discharged to the excellent individual station, oh music Pidianpidian, but the 10 Fen did not make, at that time there are more than 2000 IP daily,.

did not make money

then do personal forum, this is sometimes thought, because the blog for a long time, you want to get a new thing, when the popular forum two: PW and dz. or dz2.0 version of that I, too old. And often bullied. So it’s depressing. The establishment of the popular two months came up estimated forum, now suruiues, here not disclose the address.Ip about 10 thousand days post appearance, about 5000! Is success, but not what the development potential of the


switch to personal website, this time personal website is actually two corn, so under the control of others, he does not have much right to use. This kind of taste, I think I have feelings.

in early 2005, it is estimated that. It is another spring of the Internet, just to be caught. Oh slowly! I want to engage in a personal website, it is for every day is ineffective, should not be asked for, the reason is very simple, not what, what ASP, PHP; MYSQL ACCESS database; what, what the net station space. Corn, what HTML, HTM and so on, anyway, I’m not a (in fact I now some I still do not understand, ha ha) I am not engage in this area, but curiosity let me want to know what is going on these. I was playing mood, I did not want to make money, I hope one day I can become a network master,

some people have ideas now, but they just don’t practice it

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