site promotion and site optimization is familiar to many people but the work, in the two work, although there are a lot of people in distress; there are a lot of people feel very helpless; perhaps because there are a lot of people work, and give up; although there are a lot of people feel very tired, but very happy. I think we work around friends, what kind of work is not so boring, in addition to what or what?! actually we better mentality, do the same, it will be the same, we should do it, have a positive attitude to face work. Here are some of my promotional experience,


website promotion and website optimization, in fact, no difference, the content of the work is also a lot, SEO is part of the website promotion. A lot of website promotion methods, but we are in use? The bottom or execution, so the execution is very important. How do I do promotion,


every day to go to the webmaster forums, such as Wikipedia forum, A5 forum, Chinaz forum, phpwind forum and so on, every day around these forums feel good, I can learn to do not know a lot of things, and they can communicate with each other. Sometimes you think how many posts you send in a day and it’s boring, but you don’t think so when you look at it from another angle.

blog, I don’t think this is boring, blog exchanges are just fine, I also have a blog, there are a lot of people go to my blog, I usually go to visit, for a long time we cooked, the so-called friendship is established, the blogosphere is still the circle is so big. We can feel different flavors from different blogs. We can learn from their blog, to learn some technical knowledge, work experience, from their blog, can be summed up to some useful methods for their own work, can find themselves from them. Blog promotion, I still quite like, and not so boring.

soft text promotion, this now everyone in the efforts to fight for. Before I can not write some soft work related, but now also write a little, in fact, this is out of practice. Everyone is not a writer, not everyone can write good articles. But as long as we have a pair of eyes, more to observe, and more to see, after all, now there are many aspects of the Internet, so that your article will come out. "Can’t write or write," it’s just an excuse. Therefore, if you have the needs in this regard, and carefully write, you will succeed.

question and answer station platform promotion, this I do not like very much, ha ha…… But also need to do, after all, this is still a little effective. It’s not a hassle to answer a few questions every day, but the answer is rarely accepted, so it’s depressing. However, this also needs to find the reason from itself. Since you have to answer the question, you need to be familiar with it, be able to answer it, and be useful to others. Lack of Knowledge >

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