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WEB2.0 led to the development of classified information, from the earliest to imitate the Craiglist platform, to Wang Jianshuo, to make a transition to decline Kijiji portal 263 classification, the Alibaba investment reputation network to Tianjin flea network ( award, alliance capital giants coveted Google, classified information in the field of unprecedented prosperity.

from the current active in the field of classification information in several sites, are in different ways of development. Business model, it is how to do, how to make money, and its essence is an innovative form. The innovation of the enterprise form throughout the entire process of enterprise management, throughout the enterprise resource development, development mode, manufacturing, marketing system, market circulation and other aspects, in which innovation on each link are likely to become a successful business model. The particularity of the industry classification information, the melee in this field except on the risk investment support website, in addition to the China belong to the division of international big brand, moreover is Alibaba’s investment strategy and market reputation, Google has reached a strategic cooperation, it is indicated that the CEO market "don’t pay attention to profit, only care about product development". But classified by the vast numbers of entrepreneurs fanatical pursuit of the classified portal, Tianjin (network of second-hand goods) has given a different answer. Discuss the business model of classified information website, which is both the need of industry innovation and the urgent problem of survival. Industry’s view of the classified information market is that the classified information market is still in the stage of cultivation, and the continuous training of the whole industry is needed. It is a slow developing market and a protracted war. The nature of the Internet is shared, real-time, interactive, information classification as the essence of WEB2.0, it has the characteristics: practicality, initiative, scale, cheap and self-help, is to follow the three essence in the development. It is for people to provide clothing, food, shelter, and so on, play and life are closely related to the supply and demand information release platform, according to the information content of tissue classification, so that both supply and demand direct docking, created this efficient information base.

a website really valuable is actually its strong community user base, on the basis of the user to provide information value-added services, and charging information release model is what we can consider. The free classified information publication and query platform with aggregating user advantages, rely on to provide free services to provide themselves with aggregate traffic, dating and job supply and demand information to the ordinary people of the platform. Tianjin junk network CEO Hu Jianqiang said: "classification information users are not one-sided audience, but also an important original force of web content.". Tianjin second-hand network adhere to the concept of profit is king, free release and charging information equal emphasis on policy." FIGE operating for more than a year, the number of days posted exceeded forty thousand, the development of local classification information station more than 200, and seventy percent FIGE local stations are achieved

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