the number of sites nationwide about about 3000000, of which one million are small and medium-sized personal website, which represents what? There are one million grassroots webmaster. What does that mean? One million people depend on or rely solely on the income of their websites to make ends meet. In the end, the webmaster should do as a station of their own occupation, or as hobbies, this problem in the webmaster community has been debated, there is no definite answer. Do a webmaster can make money, if you grasp the opportunity of development, even possible Liyudiaolongmen leap, from the grassroots to become the Internet giant trees. But do webmaster also exist too many unstable factors. Many webmaster put in too much energy, both spent time and overdrafts of the body, but at the end of the site by K, league titles, traffic reduced, a lot of problems caused by a lot of people to give up as a webmaster.

since the webmaster, opportunities and risks coexist, then there are two different views. One view is that it will do to earn money, should be to the Internet that successful people learn, they learn the spirit of learning their courage, the webmaster as their occupation, devote to it and insist for a long time. In the end, you will achieve your expected goal. Another view is that now stand as before, to optimize the look, write out the soft SEO, then hang GG, Ali Mama, you can sit at home and wait. Alliances are getting harder and harder, and Baidu often stops at K. Coupled with space, the filing has varying degrees of problems. Some of the webmaster’s life is not good, spend at least eight hours a day for site updates, income is less poor, many webmaster have become otaku, family, friends do not understand. Instead of wasting time on it, it’s better to find something else to do and make it your own hobby.

of course, from a different point of view, these two views have some truth. In fact, the webmaster is not as professional as before, mainly because of the lower threshold, spend hundreds of dollars to register a domain name, apply for a space, understand HTML, you can make a basic website. The definition of a webmaster requires a lower number. A person with a website on hand can claim to be a webmaster. However, with the breakdown of the market, coupled with the development of the Internet and the financial crisis of the dual role, a lot of advertising because of the market downturn to choose out of GG, alimama, the authority of the union advertising price is also more and more low, only relying on advertising revenue web business difficulties. Garbage stations are gradually compressed living space, many sites have been transformed, change profit model, vertical segmentation industry stations, local websites began to sell. This is the case of the stationmaster net satisfied think to stationmaster brings two changes: one is the polarization is more and more serious, while the cost is very low on the flow of small personal website to earn meager income from the coalition, the other side is no longer rely solely on the successful transformation of advertising medium industry portal station station. Another point is that those can not earn too much

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