after a month of spare time effort from the domain name ( registered to buy space, trying to setup, finally has a can be established to children’s education website, although it is not very perfect, but the cat thought, through learning and effort for a while, it will slowly to get better.

through the establishment and perfection of the site, the cat experienced webmaster is not easy, a little problem, you have to search for answers, or posting for help, in the absence of relevant technical support, very hard. The cat often bubble altar to zero, the cat’s eye also boil red


in the original tokenism article, the cat are continuously learning, learning how to better educate their children, how to educate their children easily. Here, the authors thanked the cat.

the cat is sometimes a little confused. See from time to time news reports, so and so unmarried women abandon their children, so and so parents allow children to stray. The cat thought, these parents, or because of economic pressure, or lack of psychological preparation, or lack of experience, but since you have it, you have the obligation to raise its growth, and then it made a dignified and imposing man education. As the "Yangtze River seven", this is to the child said: Although we are poor, but we do not panic, do not fight, do not belong to our own things, we do not take, should study hard and be a useful person.

the cat is in favor of the former clan rules, but in the tide of economic impact, these rules are all a hideous mess. Think of a child who, if his parents fail to educate him, if he has a family to support and correct it, the child will at least not cause trouble to society. Of course, rules, behind the pedantic things, or cats do not agree. Lu Xun didn’t say it before, take its essence and go to its dregs.

the cat that educate their children for the society made a big contribution. And to educate the children, where the big knowledge of what?! Hope we work together,


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