recently watched TV drama "no entertainment circle", which tells the relationship between entertainment and media, as the media should know that abstinence, to the public disclosure of the facts, the correct guidance of public opinion. And now the Internet circle is true, IT enterprises is like a bright star, by all kinds of media attention, Baidu and Alibaba IT the two giants fighting the topic, never seem to be endless.

on Taobao blocked the door, Tencent technology telephone interview

recent discussion of the most popular as belonging to "a large number of Taobao passenger API page dropped by Baidu K, this event is the concern of all walks of life, science and technology Tencent it interviewed me, then I recommend him to interview the" Tao "and our super station a webmaster" by the end of the interview, the head of rejoice, I will interview contentinto a blog "a Tencent: Baidu Taobao API included reducing the number of passengers is a normal adjustment". It also clearly recorded some of the views I interviewed during the interview, for the Taobao guest API page by Baidu substantial deletion is purely normal behavior, a large number of copies of the page is bound to be K. If not K, bring the flow is less and less, this is a lot of Taobao webmaster guest API feeling, initially using API webmaster rarely, very easy to get traffic, and then use API webmaster with rapid growth, the emergence of a large number of duplicate pages, API pages, traffic is also more and more low, there are many millions included the webmaster, acquired from Baidu traffic is not much. Therefore, the Baidu reduce the amount of API included, in fact, the impact on Taobao guest station is not great.

In the

telephone interview, it is a normal adjustment of

to express personal views clearly

asked the reporters in a telephone interview, overshoot, do you think it is because of its Baidu ah competition, and Taobao K off the guest page, I also and the reporter explained many times, the reporter also accepted my statement, because in my opinion, this is really just a normal adjustment no, what can get excited over a little thing. I’ve tried many times in the interview to guide me to say something about the incident, the competition between Baidu and Taobao, and I’ve avoided it because I don’t think it really has anything to do with it. This time to recall the previous meeting in a farming editorial director said a "end of the world, the reporter is festival, reporters always hope the event was more better, no bad news, no news to make news. In the interview after I interviewed "Tao" and "small head with rejoice", after the exchange, they both express views and I said is roughly the same, but the second day, but to see this article "Baidu technology Tencent reported a large number of passengers to ban Taobao survey: giant confrontation spread stationmaster", which tells the contents and several of us expressed views more is to be quite different, pointing to the giant confrontation, Tao first was impatient, the group said "the interview really fooled by the feeling, and I have to remember about the.

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