believed this sentence in my mind, the most profitable in the China grassroots occupation is a salesman, whether to sell goods or services, as long as you can put things successfully sold are bad, but also can make a lot of money.

we know the apple owner Steve · Mr. Jobs is a successful salesman. He always packaged his product and sold it at a high price, and it made users love it very much. At the age of 16, Jobs was able to sell blue boxes, which cost less than $40 in simple components – a toll free toll receiver, sold for $150, and sold 100. Of course, the premise is that this product is valuable. How many can you sell if you let it go?

online on the Internet, with the development of electronic commerce, but also the emergence of a large number of guest, twitter, guest, these people get a commission through the promotion of goods, many people have joined the ranks of thousand. In the A5 forum is "A5 guest league tournament" activities, as long as the user to participate in the promotion of fair skin spring products can get 20% commission. From the activity data to understand, since the beginning of the contest for more than a month, the highest score of the promotion of people have more than 170 thousand of sales, only the commission would have 34 thousand of the revenue, not including bonus activities, the total value of 21344 yuan apple products. From the second contest, promotion of sales have exceeded 110 thousand of the guest friends learned that because of their own cable under the skin care products store, so he wholesale some whitening skin spring products to the next line sales, through a combination of online and offline, offline cosmetics store sales, online shop sales website, get good the results of the first month after the end of the game.

we often see some comprehensive online cosmetics store, the line of cosmetics store many kinds of products, the price is cheap, if you can sell their products to them, to cooperate with them, sales of products, or in any other mode, can obtain the product commission can participate in activities to win prizes, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Of course, the premise is that you need to have good salesmanship to convince others.

with the development of electronic commerce, development alliance system own more and more business platform, invite individuals to promote goods, and pay a commission, which can increase the sales of products is also a promotion; and for individuals, in the promotion of goods online Commission is indeed a good income, if you do not have the resources. No technology, want to realize on the net income or the need to find a direction and channel. Many people are concerned about Taobao, relying on Taobao alliance platform, more and more people to join Taobao off promotion, but also to understand the Taobao customer very substantial income from the side of some friends, over thousands of million income is not difficult. At the same time, there are more and more independent online shopping platform to set up their own alliance, such as whitening skin spring skin care products have their own guest alliance, Lok Lok shoes alliance >

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